The county will have to wait for a new children’s respite home, but an improved pool is in the future for those with developmental disabilities.

At last week’s Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities meeting, members learned that bids for the proposed children’s respite home in Rossford came in 17.6% more than estimates.

Bids were opened June 14 and only one was received, said Scott McKeown, health and safety coordinator.

That bid was from the Dotson Company, Whitehouse, and was for $911,000, he said.

At the May meeting, the board increased the construction budget for the four-bedroom home, which will be located at the same Rossford site as the previous home, from $600,000 to $775,000.

Andy Knopp, principal with Thomas Porter Architects, attended the meeting to answer any questions.

Board member Martha Woelke asked if the lack of bids was due to it being the wrong-sized project or if there wasn’t enough interest.

“One bid says there’s not enough interest,” she said.

Other companies didn’t bid because of the tight bid window, Knopp said, and two of the most interested contractors didn’t submit bids because they were outside the estimate and only got one subcontractor bid.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence Dotson’s number is just north of the (estimate),” he said.

The budget increase was due to the pricing increases for building materials, including installation, lumber and plastics, McKeown said at the May meeting.

The board rejected the bid and Superintendent Brent Baer said they will be looking at increasing the bid time and a request may come before the board at a future meeting.

A bid was approved for the Nichols Therapy Pool renovations.

Two bids were accepted and the lowest was from Midwest Contracting, Holland, with a base bid of $382,800 with an additional $26,200 for two alternates.

The estimate for the project was $440,000.

Renovations will include a new rubberized slip-resistant flooring on the pool deck, removal and replacement of the pool shell, lighting upgrades, exterior door replacement and interior painting.

Two unisex restrooms will be added, along with a laundry space within the existing gym locker room space.

The two alternate bids that were approved was for the board’s mission — “Support, Empower, Inspire” – among with other graphics be put on the walls and the ceramic floor in the pool entry corridor be replaced.

The board also will seek bids for a new accessible deck and backyard renovations at the Dwight Miller Home, 432 S. Main St. in Bowling Green.

The work will include replacement of the aging backyard deck and accessible ramp, improved parking for staff and visitors and expansion of the green space for use by the six residents of the home.

The work “will transform the backyard from what is a very un-private and minimally useful space to being a private and useful backyard,” McKeown said.

The work also will include a patio and privacy fence.

“Compared to what they have right now, it would be a huge addition,” he said.

The 2021 Capital Plan allotted $179,999 for the work.