The Bowling Green City Schools Board of Education established officers for 2022 but not without contention.

The board on Wednesday voted 4-1 to name Ryan Myers vice president. Jill Carr was elected president with a unanimous vote.

Tracy Hovest, who cast the no vote, said it was her turn and that she felt she was not selected as punishment for not falling in line.

Ginny Stewart nominated Myers.

Hovest said historically, the board has operated on the premise that each person gets their turn in a leadership role. The only exception was when former member Bill Clifford did not want to serve as president, and Stewart again led the board with the condition that Clifford was her vice president.

Norm Geer was president in 2021.

Hovest said JCarr had called her to ask her to start thinking about her goals as vice president. Then, Hovest said, Carr called back and told her there was rumblings among the board, and she was told Myers would be nominated to serve as vice president.

“You didn’t want me to be blindsided at this board meeting, because I guess being blindsided privately is better than being blindsided publicly,” she said.

“I let you know I was not OK with that,” Hovest said. “I was looking forward to this and helping the district move forward in this role.”

Hovest said her no vote was not against Myers.

“I know that Ryan will be an excellent vice president, but when it is his turn,” she said. “I would like to have the opportunity to have my turn.”

Hovest was elected to the board in November 2019. Myers was appointed in November 2020 and was elected in 2021.

This action shows lack of respect and denies her the opportunity to lead, Hovest said.

Myers is a good human being and of great character, Hovest continued.

“He is going to be a good VP,” she said.

Hovest said this feels like the punishment one faces when one doesn’t fall in line and has different opinions.

Nevertheless, she will continue to ask questions and do what’s in the best interest of kids, she said.

The president and vice president don’t carry more weight on the board, Hovest said.

“We’re all equals on this board.”

Hovest went on to say she is a voice for the parents, teachers and community members, and she will continue being that as that was what she was elected to do.

She said she was elected to be there for the kids, not for politics or to stroke anyone’s ego.

“What you don’t realize when trying to bury me, is that I’m a seed and I’m going to bloom,” she said.

Carr said several of Hovest’s statements were not accurate, but she was not going to use a public forum to address them.

Carr has served on the board for six years. She said she is in the process of putting her goals together and as soon as they are done, she will share them.

During the meeting, the board also established its committees.

Athletic advisory board: Myers, Hovest

Bowling Green Schools Foundation ex officio member: Geer

Facilities: Myers, Carr

Policies: Stewart

Legislative liaison: Stewart

Finance/audit: Stewart, Hovest