Dan Black

Dan Black had his family with him Wednesday. From left is Kendall, 7; wife Allie; Maddie, 10; and Laney, 5.

Dan Black has been named the new principal at Bowling Green High School.

He will replace Jeff Dever, who has been in the role since 2002.

Black, who has been assistant high school principal since 2014, will take over Aug. 1.

His base salary has been set at $99,000.

“To say I’m excited would be an understatement,” Black said after being promoted during a special Bowling Green City Schools Board of Education meeting Wednesday. “To take over a building in a school district with a great academic reputation set forth by Mr. Dever, and continue that forward, that’s exciting to me.

“I’m excited to lead the staff going forward and I’m exciting to serve the community and students at Bowling Green High School.”

Superintendent Francis Scruci said that when a position of high school principal becomes available, a district can either hire from within and maintain continuity or go with someone else who has a fresh set of eyes but has to learn the job on the fly.

When Dever announced his intent to retire, the pending loss of his institutional knowledge gave reason for concern, Scruci said.

“Jeff has been a mainstay and a cornerstone of the high school community,” he said.

Scruci said he believes in hiring from within if the candidate has the skillset necessary.

“What impressed me was Dan had a plan. He is taking all the strengths that the high school has now that was implemented by Jeff Dever and his staff, and he’s looking to continue that tradition and enhance it,” Scruci said.

Black attended the meeting with his wife and three children, and said they are his support system and allow him to work this job.

“It’s a great school, it’s a great district,” Black said about his interest in the post. “When opportunities arise in a good district like this, I got to take advantage of them.”

He said he has always aspired to be a building principal. His father served as superintendent in Michigan for 20 years, and he watched him and his administrative style.

“When I became a teacher, it has always been in the back of my mind.”

Going forward, the district has to come out of the pandemic, and Black has to figure out plans for the kids and how they’re going to bridge the gaps that have occurred, he said.

“My biggest focus right now on top of that is to start next year off really strong. It’s been a tough, tough 15 months and I want these kids in the building.”

After schooling returns to a closer normal, he will look at programming and classes offered to make sure the interests and needs of all the students are addressed, Black said.

“We can’t ignore what COVID has done so we’re going to have to be creative in how we’re going to address the needs of all the students, certainly for the next four years to get them graduated and be prepared for life beyond high school,” he said.

“He’ll do a great job,” Dever said. “His depth and knowledge is certainly better than mine when I took the job over.”

Black joined BGCS as a technology education teacher at the middle school in 2006. He has served as athletic director at the middle school since 2012 and is a former coach for the freshman baseball team as well as the seventh and eighth-grade football teams.

He earned both his bachelor of science degree in technology education and a master of education in educational administration and supervision from Bowling Green State University.