Kristen Endicott credits her grandma for her baking skills.

“It’s one of my favorite cookies,” she said of Grandma’s Sugar Cookies.

Making it reminds her of her maternal grandma. Helen Farwig, who passed away in 2007, used this recipe for years.

“She was one that didn’t have a lot of written-down recipes,” Endicott said.

But she did write down this one.

“I baked them with her when I was a little kid. I’ve been baking them for 15 years at least,” Endicott said.

One of her aunts has compiled some of the other recipes that Farwig had written down, “so we do have various recipes we try to recreate but they can never seem to come out as good as grandma’s.

“But my cookies are pretty close,” Endicott said.

She will make the sugar cookies for family get-togethers at the holidays. She also will make chocolate chip cookies, which she said also taste different from her grandmother’s.

The two families lived next door to each other, and Endicott would visit daily.

They baked the sugar cookies a lot, she said.

The lemon extract makes them a little different. There is no icing to make them sweet, just a sugar topping.

It is best if you make the dough and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

“That’s always how my grandma did it so that’s just what I’ve done. But I think with the dough being chilled, it makes it easier to roll it out.”

She also follows her grandma’s pie recipes.

Endicott makes apple and peach pies but as hard as she tries, they just never taste like grandma’s, she said.

“I’m pretty particular on my pies. My same grandma, we made pies and it’s hard for me to eat other fruit pies because they don’t taste the same.”

While she uses lard in this cookies recipe, she uses shortening in her pie dough.

“I do not like bought crust,” Endicott said firmly.

Her favorite of her grandma’s pies was grape, but she never got a recipe for it and has been unsuccessful at trying to recreate it.

There are other recipes she has unsuccessfully tried to duplicate.

They used to make cinnamon rolls a lot, “but I haven’t gotten that one down yet. Whatever she did to make them taste the way she did, I can’t figure that out.”

Endicott’s mom bakes but she did not learn from her mother.

“It’s something I did because I spent a lot of time down there and it was just something grandma and I did together,” Endicott said.

She likes both baking and cooking, “but sometimes I think cooking is easier.”

“I like sweets better, so I probably like baking better,” she said with a laugh.

Baking, especially rolling out cookie or pie dough, can be time consuming, Endicott said.

Endicott said she likes to bake but doesn’t get a chance to do it as often as she would like. She and husband Brian have two sons at Elmwood High School, and she works in a law office in Bowling Green.

Sometimes with her kids and sports, it can be difficult, but she tries to make most of their meals at home. Slow cooker and homemade freezer meals are an easy option, too, she added.

“A lot of times it’s a lot of pasta, like tuna noodle or spaghetti, because it’s fast and easy.”

Endicott is a 1998 Elmwood High School graduate, still lives in the district, and is a member of the board of education there.