Health Dept.

File. Wood County Health Department.

There are six coronavirus cases in Wood County, according to the health department.

In a Facebook update on Thursday afternoon, Health Commissioner Ben Batey said the increase was expected.

“While that number may not seem that large, we want to remind people that the testing capacity is still very limited and the increase from yesterday to today is still a double in the number of cases,” he said.

There are two hospitalizations in Wood County. There have been zero deaths, according to department information posted on Thursday.

The age range is 20-71. There are two males and four females with COVID-19.

“Everyone should assume there are cases in their community,” said Alex Aspacher, community outreach coordinator with the health department.

Statewide, as of Thursday afternoon, there were 867 cases, 223 hospitalizations and 15 deaths.

“We anticipate that 80% of people who get this virus will stay at home and will not need any medical intervention whatsoever,” Batey said. “That means they also probably won’t be tested. So for every confirmed case we have, there’s probably a much larger number of individuals out there who have the virus and have the potential to spread it.”

Those with symptoms should stay home and isolate, Batey said. Follow the Ohio Department of Health’s “stay at home” order and keep a 6-feet social distance.

“These things will really help us slow down the spread of this coronavirus,” he said, adding that it will help the hospitals prepare.