ROSSFORD – Bow Tie Chicken Pasta is a Creps family favorite, and one that everyone plays a role in creating.

That’s the most important part when making this dish, said Dan Creps.

“It’s a family favorite, so when our kids come home it’s a dish that they request,” he said, “oftentimes for their birthdays.”

The pasta dish is easy to make because the cooks can “divide and conquer.”

While he is grilling the chicken, wife Kris and the kids put together the other pieces.

It’s so simple that Creps said he can manage making it on his own.

“That’s another benefit. I can boil noodles. I can grill chicken, throw croutons in.”

Kris found the recipe in a magazine several years ago and the family has not made any changes to the recipe, but does toss the croutons in melted butter before adding them to the dish.

The sun-dried tomatoes come in a jar, adding to the simplicity of this recipe.

“I love the flavor,” Creps said about the pasta. “It has different textures that are really yummy.”

And the sun-dried tomatoes are a must, he said. They add texture to the dish.

It takes 30-40 minutes to make, depending on the chicken cooking time.

He will even throw the leftover pasta in the oven the next day to warm up before eating.

Creps said that his cooking skills are limited to basic items, mostly hamburgers on the grill.

“I typically am the clean-up guy in the house. I will help chop, cut, shred cheese, that sort of thing.”

His wife is a wonderful cook, he said.

Growing up in a house with four siblings, he would watch his dad throw things on the grill. That is about the extent of his cooking lessons.

“I’ve burned a thing or two in my day,” Creps said with a laugh. The lesson learned was keep an eye on the grill and don’t shut the cover and walk away to do something else.

When making burgers, the family usually has all the toppings available, from thick sliced fresh tomatoes to avocado.

“You can put almost anything on a hamburger anymore,” he said.

Their four children are all out of the house.

Madison is living in Columbus. Collin attends the University of Toledo but is in a co-op in Cleveland this summer. Griffin just graduated high school and will be a freshman at Miami University. Youngest daughter Rowan will be a junior in high school.

For birthdays, the couple lets the kids pick whatever they want for the family meal, “and this one comes up.”

Outside the office, Creps and his wife will do whatever their kids are into and catch a concert when possible.

Creps has been superintendent at Rossford for seven years, starting just before the failure of the first bond issue to build new schools in 2013.

That plan lost by less than 100 votes. In the years since, the district retooled its operating budget and started a new plan. That bond passed in 2016. The new school opened in January – and was closed in March with the coronavirus.