Tom Hosler

File. Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler. 

PERRYSBURG — Noting Superintendent Tom Hosler’s leadership efforts the school board has extended his contract another five years.

“I can’t think of a better leader for Perrysburg Schools. He’s somebody with integrity, honesty to make tough decisions and the courage to make our district go forward,” school board President Ray Pohlman said.

He also cited statistics.

“This district continues to spend below the per pupil expenditure, as a state average,” Pohlman said. “And our Ohio Department of Education performance index score has increased per year.”

The new contract will start Aug. 1 and extend through July 31, 2026. The annual salary will be $168,683 with 3% annual pay raises and a one-time lump sum payment of $7,500 in the first payroll of Jan. 2022.

Hosler was first hired at Perrysburg Aug. 1, 2007 and his current contract was up for renewal.

Pohlman referenced 5-year contracts as a standard and cited recent five-year superintendent contracts at Ottawa Hills.

“I was in favor of a 5-year contract. I think that when you go above and beyond the expectations of a superintendent, you want to keep that person and that person is getting harder and harder to find,” board member Gretchen Downs said. “I think the growth in our district since Mr. Hosler has been here has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The board approved the contract 4-1, with Kelly Ewbank voting against the contract.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to give anyone in this position a five-year contract,” Ewbank said. “My feelings are that if someone’s doing good, and you give them a four-year contract and also you can negotiate that and give them another four-year contract.”

Downs also referenced Hosler’s successful efforts related to passage of the Fair Funding Plan, which will remove the cap in per pupil funding. In addition to planning and writing work related to the plan, he spoke on behalf of the funding revision plan in front of both the Ohio House and Senate numerous times leading up to inclusion in the biennial state budget signed by Gov. Mike DeWine.

“Our superintendent was part of the solution for the problem. He worked tirelessly to fix the problem. That is not an ordinary step. I didn’t see any other superintendents in our area who did that. That is something the community should rejoice and praise Mr. Hosler for and it’s something that I think deserves a five-year contract,” Downs said.

Board member Sue Larimer agreed.

“You did a tremendous job, not just for our district, but for every district in this state. You are to be commended for the work you have done,” Larimer said.

Board member Eric Benington referenced Hosler’s comparative experience in the business world.

“As I talk to business leaders around the area they say we’re crazy voting only for a five-year contract. They’ve said a six or 10-year,” Benington said.