PERRYSBURG — The school district released a COVID-19 back-to-school guide for parents on Wednesday.

The document is available through a link on the front page of the district website in a printable format.

“We know we cannot make everyone happy with this plan. We are not happy about it, either,” stated Superintendent Tom Hosler in a letter to parents. “We want students to be back in school every day without any restrictions. We feel our plan provides the greatest flexibility, as well as creating a balance between needs for students to be in school and the need to protect students, families and employees from this deadly virus. We will continue to monitor all available data and research and make improvements to the plan as we are able.”

The 24-page document contains a wide variety of information.

Face coverings will be required for all staff and students. The document lays out those instructions and many other related issues.

Among the other subjects are symptoms of COVID-19, safety measures for home and school, contact tracing methods, extracurricular activities, attendance, transportation and school expectations.

The new hybrid learning model of education is also discussed, as passed by the board on Monday. Remote learning is part of the model and it is also discussed.

In the next week, principals will be sending out the annual back to school information pertinent to each specific school, such as drop off/pick-up procedures, scheduling and important dates.

As part of the COVID-19 safety measures are detailed instructions on when to keep a child home and the differences between isolation and quarantine, as well as when they are needed.

More information is still to come. Future information will include details for laptop pick-up for grades 5-12 and transportation.

“Like all of us, there are probably more questions than answers remaining and please know we are working to provide as much information as possible,” wrote Hosler.