PERRYSBURG — The 55th senior class at Penta Career Center was honored June 2-3 during a special drive-thru senior recognition outside the school’s main entrance.

This year, 785 seniors from Penta’s on campus and satellite programs completed career-technical programs and received Career Passports through Penta. During the drive-thru activities, the Outstanding Student Award was announced. This year, 49 seniors earned the Outstanding Student Award based on performance and excellence in their individual career-technical program.

Each of the students recognized received a career passport that contained a certificate of completion signed by the student’s instructor, supervisor, high school director, and superintendent. The career passport also included a list of the student’s courses and outcomes; a personal data sheet, and other documents listing the student’s accomplishments.

The Penta Career Center 2020 Outstanding Students include the following:

Bowling Green: Jazmine Collignon, Business Office Technologies; Garrett Germann, Medical Technologies; Jay Klinger, Digital Arts & Design; and Joshua Redford, Marketing Education

Eastwood: Noah Henline, Construction Electricity and Jesse Lopez, Heating & Air Conditioning Technology

Elmwood: Christopher Jordan, Horticulture – Landscape and Jasmine Shepherd, Small Animal Care

North Baltimore: Hadin Clark, Automotive Technology

Northwood: Ross Batdorff, Marketing Education

Otsego: Abbigael Poulin, Dental Assistant

Perrysburg: Chloe DeVerna, Teaching Professions; Duncan Russell, Information Technologies Academy; Nicole Stepp, Marketing Education; and Dan Wilson, Medical Technologies

Rossford: Matthew Coates, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies; River Hoiles, Project SEARCH; and Alyssa Morris, Marketing Education

Penta Career Center is a career-technical high school for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Penta serves the following school districts: Anthony Wayne, Benton-Carroll-Salem, Bowling Green, Eastwood, Elmwood, Genoa, Lake, Maumee, North Baltimore, Northwood, Otsego, Perrysburg, Rossford, Springfield, Swanton and Woodmore.