TONTOGANY — The Otsego Penta FFA Chapter recently held its 57th Annual FFA Banquet virtually. The banquet recognized members for their accomplishments throughout the year.

Top Ten Citrus salesman were: first Courtney Reyome, second Isaac Brewster, third Collin Britton, fourth Abby Gase, fifth Ashley and Kylie Brinkman, seventh Carlee Heckerman, eighth Noah Keifer, Janelle Moser and David Stelter, ninth Ashley Hoile and 10th Chase Helberg.

FFA Scholarship pins were awarded to FFA members who worked diligently on their studies and have maintained a 3.5 or higher grade point average. The ninth-grade members were Nataleigh Hartman, Summer Lehsten, Chloe Downs, Abby Eberly, Makenna Lenhardt, Clay Battin, Abby Cornell, Emma DiFeterici, Chesney Kuron, Jenna Tanner, Rubyrain Thomas, Corrinne Rizziello, Lillian Snyder, Katelynn Smith, Chloe Barbour, Bryndie Funk, Markis Harris, Ben Bergman, Emma Kaza, Miriam Armas and Tessa Norman.

The 10th grade scholarship pin recipients were Sam Scifers, Morgan Simon, Abbey Eiben, Anna Divis, Evelyn Hartman, Chase Helberg, Ellie Fehan, Moria Yaney, Ashley Brinkman, Ethan Balusik, Emily Tokar, Seth Davis and Kennedi Smith.

The 11th-grade scholarship pin recipients were Ethan Lenox, Eve Serrato, Abby Gase, Ellie Roberts, Macey Thomas, Paige Varner, Savannah Hernandez, Rylee Hollar, Ashton Serrato and Ryan Gray.

The senior scholarship recipients wereBrynne Limes, Ben Gray, Trey Battin, Taylor Cepek, Brittany Euler, Maggie Lehsten, Amelia Pullins, Annie Glassford and Janelle Moser.

The Otsego FFA Alumni along with other community members awarded scholarships to graduating seniors. Dane Creps was awarded the 11th Annual Metzger Memorial Scholarship for $500. Brynne Limes and Maggie Lehsten each earned a $500 7th Annual Morris Wening Memorial Scholarship. The 11th Annual Mildred R. Nichols Scholarship was bestowed to Janelle Moser for $500.

The Otsego FFA Alumni Association awarded three $500 scholarships to Trey Battin, Anne Glassford, and Kylie Brinkman.

The Greenhand Degree was earned by 34 FFA members Miriam Armas, Nathan Avers, Ethan Balusik, Chloe Barbour, Clay Battin, Benjamin Bergman, Patricia Borer, Tucker Brooks, Abigail Cornell, Carter Creps, Jared Crozier, Emma DiFeterici, Kiana Dingledine, Chloe Downs, Abigail Eberly, Ellie Feehan, Jeanette Fretter, Bryndie Funk, Stephanie Garcia, Emma Gibbs, Markis Harris, Phillip Hartbarger, Nataleigh Hartman, Mariyah Hernandez, Zachary Hillyard, Ashley Hoile, Emalei Jones, Emma Kasza, Gabriel Kelly, Kiley King, Rylee Kohli, Chesney Kuron, Carson Lathrop, Summer Lehsten, Makenna Lenhardt, Justin Magrum, Laura May, Tessa Norman, Corinne Rizziell, Justin Sergent, Kennadie Serrato, Katelynn Smith, Lillian Snyder, Addisyn Stott, Jenna Tanner and Rubyrain Thomas.

Proficiency Awards were given to FFA members who excel in their Supervised Agricultural Experience Projects the award winners were:

Ag Education, Brynne Limes, Ashley Brinkman, Moira Yaney

Ag Communications, Macey Thomas

Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication, Ben Gray, Dane Creps, Brazden Brown

Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance, Cade Limes, Brenden Stott, Zackary Smith

Ag Sales, Ivan Armas, Brittany Euler, Noah Keifer

Ag Services, Ben Gray, Kenneth Armas, Trent Leiter

Beef Production - Entrepreneurship, Collin Britton, Cale Green, Max London

Beef Production - Placement, Dane Creps, Kennedi Smith, Morgan Simon

Diversified Crop Production, Collin Britton, Brenden Stott, Kirsten Fox

Diversified Livestock Production, Amelia Pullins, Taylor Cepek, Kylie Brinkman

Equine Science - Entrepreneurship, Brittany Euler

Equine Science - Placement, Anna Divis

Forage Production, Collin Britton

Fruit Production, Courtney Reyome, Kirsten Fox

Grain Production, Brittany Euler

Home and Community Development, Brynne Limes, Ellie Roberts, Ashton Serrato

Landscape Management, Brazden Brown, Seth Davies, Eve Serrato

Nursery Operations, Carlee Heckerman, Ivan Armas, Chase Helberg

Outdoor Recreation, Ben Gray, Zackary Smith, Trevor Hennon

Poultry Production-Entrepreneurship, Avery Cepek, Moira Yaney, Abby Gase

Poultry Production-Placement, Maggie Lehsten, Cadence Luce, Abbey Eiben

Small Animal Production and Care, Evelyn Hartman, Marissa Miller, Paige Varner

Specialty Animal Production, Savannah Hernandez, Rylee Hollar, Emily Tokar

Swine Production, Amelia Pullins, David Stelter, Janelle Moser

Sheep Production, Morgan Simon, Kennedi Smith

Turf Grass Management, Trey Battin, Anne Glassford, Ethan Lenox

Vegetable Production-Entrepreneurship, Robin Nigh, Anna Divis, Janelle Moser

Vegetable Production-Placement, Ivan Armas, Kirsten Fox, John Jogerst

Veterinary Science, Serina Wheeler, Sam Sciefers

The Stars Over Otsego Penta awards were presented to members who have gone above and beyond. Summer Lehsten, a first-year member who has contributed to the success of the chapter, was Star Greenhand.

The Star in Agricultural Placement is awarded to an FFA member who has an outstanding SAE in agribusiness or production agriculture and is actively involved in chapter activities, as well as leadership and scholarship programs. This year’s Star in Agricultural Placement was Trey Battin.

The Star in Agriscience is awarded to an FFA member who has outstanding SAE in agriculture where a member learns by doing in either owning or working an agricultural business, as well as be involved in chapter activities, and provide leadership. This year’s Star in Agriscience was Amelia Pullins.

The Star Farmer is awarded to chapter degree members who have exhibited leadership skills, have a strong production SAE project, have contributed to the success of the chapter, and have been outstanding FFA members. The 2020 Star Chapter Farmer was Dane Creps.

The chapter inducted seven new members as the 2020-21 chapter officers: president Abby Gase, vice president Collin Britton, secretary Macey Thomas, treasurer Cade Limes, reporter Courtney Reyome, sentinel Savannah Hernandez and student adviser Cale Green.

The Otsego Penta Agricultural Education Program is a satellite program of Penta Career Center.