NORTH BALTIMORE — Taxpayers in the North Baltimore Local School District continue to show their support for the school system.

Residents have approved a request to renew a 1.25% income tax.

Unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary election show 78 voters supported the levy and 48 opposed it, according to the Wood County Board of Elections.

“We’re just blessed to have the community that we have,” said Superintendent Ryan Delaney.

Of the 2,581 registered voters in the district, only 126, or 4.96%, made it to the polls.

Delaney said he is used to seeing a low spring turnout and this issue was the only one on the local ballot.

“I’ve never seen a district that can past levies like this,” he said.

He reiterated it was not a request for new money and said district taxpayers should not expect to see a new-money request anytime soon.

“We’re not looking to ask for new money in the near future at all,” Delaney said.

Around 10% of the district’s operating budget comes from the tax. It is projected to collect about $890,000 this year.

Residents have been renewing the tax every five years since it was first approved in 2006.

The tax will continue to collect only on earned income, including wages, tips, other employee compensation, self-employment income from sole proprietorships, partnerships and farming.

Income tax will not be paid on income gained from retirement, lottery winnings, interest, dividends, capital gains, profit from rental activities, and other income which is not earned.