MILLBURY — Lake Local Schools may have to close due to staffing shortages.

“Due to staffing shortages we are very, very close to possibly closing school for a day or two in the near future,” said Superintendent Jim Witt in a letter to families.

“We are experiencing a shortage of substitute workers in several areas and it has only been because many members of our staff have sacrificed their own planning time, lunch periods, and other breaks that we have been able to get sufficient coverage for the last several weeks before break and through today.

Witt asked families to make necessary childcare arrangements that you may need in case schools close for a day or multiple days depending on the particular situation.

“This decision could be made on very short notice and could be made as early as tomorrow depending on the situation,” Witt said on Tuesday.

“Our student absences have also continued to climb and we are monitoring that situation as well. Because of the paperwork and protocols that need to be followed our nurse is overwhelmed right now. Please remain patient and flexible with her and anyone who is helping her in this very difficult time.”