Chloe Knapp

Chloe Knapp 

TOLEDO — Notre Dame Academy senior Chloe Knapp loves using her talent for performing to brighten the day of others.

Knapp made a name for herself in local theater as the vibrant lead in NDA’s productions of “Hello Dolly” and “Fiddler on the Roof.” She is also an award-winning member of NDA’s nationally-ranked Speech and Debate team, qualifying to compete in Dramatic Interpretation and Speech at the state level for all four years she has been in high school.

“Knowing that for a moment something I did on stage that took people away from their daily concerns is something I really enjoy,” said Knapp.

Attracted to NDA’s well-known theater program, Knapp came to Notre Dame Academy in seventh grade from Rossford Schools. She quickly distinguished herself by winning the Jefferson Award for service her freshman year. Elected to student council all four years of high school, she was selected to be Executive Student Council president her senior year.

She enjoys the satisfaction of using her leadership to make others happy.

“I like making things happen and seeing other people enjoy it,” Knapp said.

While at Notre Dame Academy, Knapp was in the International Baccalaureate program, studying theater, math, and English.

“IB is like a college class, requiring you to actively explore and draw your own conclusions. The instructor is more of a guide, helping you. For instance, in my IB English class we had a deep discussion that led us to debate whether we should use the standards of the time or current standards to determine whether the 19th century author we were reading could be considered a feminist.”

The supportive sisterhood of her classmates and care of the Notre Dame Academy teachers is what she will miss most about NDA.

“Even during this time of social distancing, everyone has been in touch nonstop,” she said.

Knapp will be attending Xavier University in the fall and is considering majoring in English.

(Story contributed by NDA staff.)