Grad Rossford Kelley

Kyle Kelley will graduate first in his class with a 4.50 GPA from Rossford.

ROSSFORD — Kyle Kelley is graduating from Rossford High School with an excellent academic resume.

The Perrysburg native will graduate first in his class with a 4.50 GPA.

While he takes pride in this accomplishment, he feels that this does not put him above his peers.

“On one hand, it feels like everything I worked for has come into fruition. On the other hand, I know that other people have strengths in athletics that I don’t have. I don’t feel like people should be based on their GPA,” Kelley said.

He credits a lot of his success to all of the teachers he had during his academic career. Kelley said all helped him challenge himself to be the student he is today.

However, Kelley still has a favorite teacher — his honors pre-calculus and honors calculus teacher Matt Schlatter.

“He was really dedicated to his students. He was approachable no matter how many questions you had. He could make a subject some people don’t like, such as math, enjoyable,” Kelley said.

During his time at the high school, Kelley became an unforgettable student to Schlatter.

“Kyle is one of the top 10 math students I have had in my 26 years of teaching. Kyle’s inquisitive mind always keeps everyone in the class, including me, at the top of our game. Kyle will be missed at RHS, but I look forward to seeing what he does with his future,” Schlatter said.

While excelling in his classes, Kelley was an active participant in multiple extracurriculars.

He was a part of the school’s chess team, academic team, international club, newspaper staff, National Honor Society and band. He also found time to be an Eagle Scout.

Kelley said his favorite extracurricular was drama club. He looked forward to seeing what would happen on any given day in the club.

The different extracurriculars provided Kelley with some life lessons. As an only child, the clubs acted as small families to him.

“From participating in extracurriculars, I learned the importance of being involved and shaping a community within those extracurriculars,” he said. “I learned how to make new friends and allowed myself to grow as a person and try new things.”

Like most seniors, the pandemic did affect Kelley’s senior year. He said it took away some opportunities that come with students’ final year.

Kelley said the pandemic forced him and his classmates to create a special senior year.

“It taught us to be resilient and come together to create unique experiences or creative alternatives to make the most of what we can,” he said.

Kelley plans to attend Kenyon College in Gambier.

The small student body and the tight knit community drew Kelley to Kenyon. He saw how students could have a close relationship with their professors.

Kelley plans to major in mathematics, a passion of his. He also plans to either double major or minor in philosophy.

He was named the Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award winner by the Wood County Educational Service Center. One senior from each county within the State of Ohio will receive the award.

In his application essay, he said mathematics and philosophy complement each other, as they attempt to explain truths about the universe and being very theoretical fields.

After college, Kelley wants to be a professor. The idea of being a student for a career appeals to him.

“I want to share my passion with other people. I want to be able to continue to learn and research throughout my life,” Kelley said.

In his essay, he also wrote he is looking forward to continuing his passion for learning. His high school career has shown that he is ready for the academic challenges ahead.

Most importantly, Kelley is ready to go out on his own adventure.

“I’m excited to meet new people and challenge myself even more. I want to get out of the bubble of Northwest Ohio and experience more of the world,”