Grad Penta Hawkins 2021

Penta's Mariah Hawkins.

PERRYSBURG– Mariah Hawkins, who originally attended Northwood High School, was inspired to go to Penta Career Center with incredibly profound reasoning.

“Changing how society really views the world. Starting my sophomore year, there was a lot of changes in society so I just wanted to be able to be the impact and actually take an action on changing what was going downhill.”

Given her interest in eventually becoming a judge, Hawkins saw value in the criminal justice program at Penta as a way of getting her feet wet professionally.

“I’ve always had in interest in the law and criminal justice field. I’m currently going to go to University of Toledo for paralegal studies, so being in the criminal justice trade set me ahead for my future accomplishments.”

As far as her experience at Penta and with the program, Hawkins raves about what it has meant for her.

“It has been absolutely amazing. Everything that we do … the stuff that we do in class isn’t limited. We can take it anywhere.”

She received her private security certificate while at Penta and plans to utilize it to help garner further experience for herself as she builds towards a career in law.

Hawkins had a busy senior year, racking up certifications that included becoming a Certified Protection Officer, earning her Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper spray) certification, as well as earning three credit hours towards her eventual college education.

In regards to her goals after college, Hawkins is truly inspired to make as deep an impact in her field and on society as possible.

“My endgame is I am trying to work up to a judge. With paralegal studies I’d obviously be working as a paralegal to work up to an attorney and then district attorney. I want to go to law school at UT.”