Lake township food donation 2021

Ptl. Kelly Clark (from left), Chris Wilson and Ptl. Rachel Caputo oversee the delivery of hundreds of non-perishable food items collected recently by Lake Township Police Department.

MILLBURY — A successful food donation drive was conducted recently by two officers of Lake Township Police Department.

Ptl. Rachel Caputo and Ptl. Kelly Clark spearheaded the drive, which resulted in the collection of hundreds of non-perishable food items that were donated to the Lake Local Schools Glider Pack Program.

In addition to the food items, the drive collected $400.

The program, initiated by Chris Wilson, head of food service at Lake, provides food items to students of the school district during times school is not in session, helping to ensure all students have food during these times.

Police Chief Mark Hummer praised the food drive.

“An excellent job, as always, was done by Kelly and Rachel,” Hummer said. “We are also very appreciative of all those who donated these items. It shows we have a wonderful, caring community members here in Lake Township who will step up to the plate to help others in times of need.”

The items were delivered to the school over the New Year’s weekend.

Wilson said the items will cover about a month’s need for the program. Anyone who wishes to contribute food items or cash to the program may drop those off at the High school office during normal school hours.