Eastwood FFA 2021

Emily Keiser chats with her students before they head to their next station.

The fourth-grade students of Eastwood Elementary School attended ‘Food For America’ hosted by the Eastwood FFA chapter on May 19. Students were treated with a class-free day at two local farms in order to learn the significance of agriculture in their everyday lives.

The students traveled to the farms of John and Denise Russell and John and Joni Nissen. In the morning, half of the students visited the Nissen farm while the other half attended the Russell farm. In the afternoon, the students switched. All of the lessons throughout the day were presented by Eastwood FFA members.

At the Nissen farm, students were given opportunities to learn about the importance of animals. Students learned correct grooming, nutrition and showing techniques, and also had the chance to interact with animals that FFA members brought in.

Sarah Carpenter and Claire Kiefer taught the horse station. Owen, Luke and Logan Brinker ran the sheep lesson. Mallory Kramer and Katie Oestreich taught the goat station. The swine station was taught by Chelsey Sargent, Isabelle Sanford and Jesse Sundermeier. Elle Ruffner and Lydia Thornton ran the small animal and rabbit station.

Students also learned the importance that common agricultural plants such as soybeans, corn and wheat play in their lives. Lily Sterba and Mariah Hahn taught the agronomy station. Grace Kingery and Madison Hady were in charge of the the soil and land use station which taught students the layers of soil and how to prevent soil erosion in future years.

Similarly to the Nissen farm, the Russell farm also had many different stations including teaching about the basics of many different animals.

Justin Lange and Sophia D’Amore taught the poultry station. The beef lesson was run by Cole Kiefer and Hannah Lang. Jaylin Dilsaver and Ava Kiefer were in charge of the dairy session.

During the day, the students got a snack break by enjoying ice cream that they made by using ice cream salt. This station was run by Zach Kwiatkowski, Sheridan Schuerman, Ashlyn O’Brien, Morgan Keiser and Jacob Gallant.

Students learned the importance of recycling and how recycling and littering affects our environment. They also learned how and where they can recycle. Haley Sponaugle and Seth Bisbee taught the recycling and littering station.

Max Buchman and Isaac Badenhop taught the wildlife lesson. Students learned about different types of animals in Ohio. Students also learned about common equipment used on everyday farm operations. The equipment station was taught by Sam Rapp, and David and Jimmy Russell.

Finally, students also had the opportunity to learn about different kinds of antique tractors. They were also able to get hands-on experience and sit on the tractors. Caleb Schuessler-Recker and Sam Gannett ran the antique tractor/tractor station.

The fourth-graders had all their questions answered by FFA members. Mallory Kramer, an FFA member says that “Food for America is very important to help younger students learn all the different possibilities in the world of agriculture.”

Jesse Sundermeier agreed by saying that Food for America “gets younger kids engaged in agriculture and also to teaches kids where their food comes from.”

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