PEMBERVILLE – Eastwood Local Schools is asking its community to continue supporting an income tax that has been collected for 14 years.

The district is asking for support of its 1% income tax on May 4.

The tax supports 13% of the general budget.

“This is our only operating levy, so it’s critical to us,” said Superintendent Brent Welker.

If the school district lost this funding, “that would cripple our operations, for sure,” he said.

In 2020, the income tax collected $2.4 million.

Taxes were cut in 2014 when the district let an emergency levy expire, Welker said. That tax collected about $870,000.

The income tax was first passed in 2006 and has been renewed in 2011 and 2016.

Welker cited a strong track record as a reason why residents should support the levy.

“We feel like we’ve done a pretty good job being responsible for our resources,” Welker said.

The district’s academic performance also remains good, and he used the elementary being named a Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education and report card results as proof.

“We feel we are providing an excellent academic experience for our kids at a good value,” he said.

Welker added that Eastwood residents have one of the lowest tax burdens in the county.

The district does have a permanent improvement levy which is used for maintenance and technology and the bond issue that passed in 1999 that is paying for the high school addition.

There have been no new requests for operating funds since 2007 and the hope is to stretch that need to 2023 or later, Welker said.