PERRYSBURG — With four children under age 9, sometimes breakfast for dinner is the easiest and most pleasing meal choice for the Weisz family.

“It’s easy. It’s something my family loves and it’s something that we make a lot on the weekends. We’re big at making lots of food on the weekends,” Tricia Weisz said. “We do a lot of breakfast for dinner.”

Most of the food groups are covered by having breakfast for dinner, when a meat, such as sausage or ham, is added and the pancake is topped with fruit, Weisz said.

Change the pancake up with different toppings, such as flavored syrups, fruit or powdered sugar.

“The one thing that’s nice about it, too, if you have people with dietary issues, it has no sugar in the batter,” Weisz said. “It can be a little bit healthier — maybe just a little bit.”

The pancake is best if served immediately, Weisz said.

“I wouldn’t let it sit. I would serve it hot, right out of the oven. That’s when it’s the best,” she said.

The dish needs attention almost constantly, from mixing to serving.

“After you’re done with the mixture — because you put the pan hot, with the butter, in the oven — when you pull it out, you put the batter on it, and you don’t mix it. So it starts cooking as soon as you put it in the hot pan,” Weisz said. “That’s what gives it that huge bubble up.”

The baking process is entertainment for the family, too.

“I actually have a picture of my kids sitting in front of the oven, waiting for that to bubble up,” she said. “It actually gets huge. … It deflates as it cools down.”

Don’t panic as the pancake starts rising over the edges.

“It’s not going to fall over, it just rises totally up,” Weisz said. “It’s actually kind of foolproof. I don’t think you can mess it up.

“I got it from one of my friends who has six kids. I was going to a devotional at her house and she made it for me. I told her this was the best thing I’ve ever had.”

With her big family, preparation is a must, Weisz said.

“I love cooking and baking, and I do a lot more on the weekend, just because my husband’s here,” Weisz said, adding that she often cooks three meals a day. “I’m big into meal planning.”

Charles Weisz works in construction, doing estimates. Their four girls are Willow, who is 8, twins Cora and Avery who are 4, and Ellie, who is 3.

They live in Troy Villa Community, in a smaller home than Weisz would like, but they love their school district and won’t move until they find just the right home.

“We’ve been looking for a house in our Eastwood school district forever and we cannot find anything,” she said. “We love Eastwood schools. … They’re like a family and we don’t want to move out of the school district.”

They were hooked after Willow started attending preschool in Stony Ridge.

Both she and her husband, who have been married 19 years, are from the Bellevue area.

Weisz worked in long-term nursing care until the twins were born.

She did a little bit of baking with her mom and grandmas.

“But, I taught myself a lot of it. I will actually read cookbooks, because I love to read them,” Weisz said. “I don’t think when I first got married, I was that good. I cooked a lot of Hamburger Helper.”

They planned on having children — Charles was an only child and wanted a big family; Weisz wanted at least two.

“We had a really hard time having our first daughter. We struggled for almost 12 years to have a baby. We didn’t think we were really going to have a family.”

After Willow arrived, they thought they were done having children, Weisz said.

“Then we had a loss, then we got pregnant with the twins, and they were spontaneous with nothing. And we have no history of twins at all. It’s absolutely insane. It was shocking to us,” she said. “We love having a large family. It is great.”

They are members of Cedar Creek Church.