The Bowling Green community has given cash, snacks and clothing to students, but there are still needs that remain.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Bowling Green City Schools board member Ginny Stewart updated the list of items needed in the district’s school buildings.

“‘The community has really come through in many areas, but we still have needs,” she said.

Since Stewart first listed in September some of the needs in each building, the district has accepted donations of air purifiers, snacks, noise canceling headphones, boys and girls clothing, and box fans.

At Tuesday’s meeting, $1,000 was accepted for the middle school’s Bobcat Basics Pantry, $1,000 for supplies at each building, $480 in hats, gloves, clothing and snacks to Kenwood Elementary, plus another $150 of the same items each to the middle school and Conneaut Elementary. Another $1,500 was accepted for school supplies at Kenwood.

“I think one of the biggest needs that I’m seeing from all of the principals are substitutes and janitors, which we know,” Stewart said.

But the middle school and high school are especially in need of individually-packaged snacks, such as granola bars, she said, adding that they should have no nuts.

The middle school also needs water bottles.

Hats, gloves and jackets are always welcomed. Sizes do not matter.

“I believe there is a need at all of our schools for that kind of thing,” Stewart said.

While older students may not want to admit they have a need, she asked that the community not ignore that age group.

“Thank you to the community for really rallying … but it doesn’t mean we still don’t have a need, because food gets eaten and the minute a student takes a piece of clothing, it’s gone,” Stewart said.