Citations March 1:

Open container: Shane Wilson, 22

Disorderly conduct/public urination: Alfredo Almoyna, 20; Benjamin Laffin, 19; Cody Helms, 28

Underage/under the influence: Tyler Shrider, 20

OVI, PAC/breath: Jonathan Stolfo, 22

Display of fictitious ID: Nikkiya Addison, 20

Lighted lights required, driving under suspension: Carlos Ballard, 20

Speed: Tristam Cheeseman, 20; Lisa Dziko, 22

Traffic signals: Maria Aguayo, 63

Display of plates: Jaida Parker, 18; Elton Sunnyway, 21; Jason Vanhoose, 27

Driving under suspension, failure to reinstate: Jacob Ferguson, 20

Display of plates/validation stickers: Aaron Faneuff, 22

Accidents occurred March 1:

Ronald Dion, Grafton, was eastbound on East Wooster Street, stopped at a red light at Mercer Road. Wendell Rochester, Burgoon, was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead after running into the rear of Dion.

Caleb Stevens, Helena, backed into an Army vehicle from Beavercreek while both were parked in a private parking lot on Newton Road.

Citations March 2:

OVI/urine, marked lanes: Laura Greer, 50

Speed: Austin Cornell, 24

Police responded to a report of a damaged vehicle in the 800 block of Miller Drive and to a suspicious vehicle at the post office.

Accidents occurred March 2:

Melanie Ray, Findlay, and Laura Greer, Findlay, were northbound on Dunbridge Road near Research Drive. Greer entered the left-turn-only lane. As Ray was passing in the straight lane, Greer attempted to change lanes and struck Ray.

Citations March 3:

No seatbelt: Jacob Dennis, 24

Police took reports of a subject open carrying a firearm at Walmart; to the 800 block of Seventh Street for a resident who said his mail is being opened before arriving at his home; and to the 400 block of East Clough Street for theft from a vehicle.

Accidents occurred March 3:

Robert Bear, North Baltimore, was stopped northbound on South Church Street at Pearl Street. Sharon Colaner, BG, was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead after striking the rear of Baer. Julie Baer, North Baltimore, was taken to Wood County Hospital by BG EMS for suspected minor injuries.

Citations March 4:

Benjamin Daniels, 33, Mount Morris, Michigan, was arrested for OVI and PAC (BAC 0.136) and was taken to jail.

Taillights, OVI, PAC (BAC 0.111): Macy Anderson, 22

Speed: Logan Johnson, 21

Expired registration: Jacob Studer, 32; David Chatfield, 71

Police responded to a possible burglary in the 1020 block of North Grove Street.

BG civil enforcement took a complaint of an inoperable vehicle in the 800 block of North Christopher Street.

Accidents occurred March 4:

Tonya Lentz, Cygnet, was eastbound on West Gypsy Lane Road, stopped at Ohio 25. Dalen Curry, BG, was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead after striking the rear of Lentz.

Citations March 5:

Jeremy Feller, 41, BG, was cited for possession of hashish and was arrested on a failure-to-appear warrant through municipal court.

Speed: Toni Brewer, 22; Bria Jennings, 22; Clarke Wheeler, 21; Jacob White, 31

Reasonable control: Xavier Swiatkowski, 25

Probationary permit violation: Rebecca Kestner, 24

No motorcycle endorsement: Thomas Mann, 23

BG civil enforcement took a complaint of bags of trash in city right of way in the 300 block of East Court Street; a couch in city right of way in the 200 block of North Enterprise; trash at the side of a house in the 300 block of North Enterprise; and trash in the back yard in the 100 block of South Summit.

A juvenile was pulled over and found to be in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Charges were forwarded to the juvenile prosecuting attorney.

Accidents occurred March 5:

David Burchall, BG, was exiting 1094 N. Main St. when his foot slipped off the brake. He drove off the road an struck a brick wall.

Sadikin Budisantoso, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, was westbound in the center turn lane in the 1500 block of East Wooster St., waiting to turn left. Thomas Mann, Perrysburg, was eastbound in the in the left lane. Traffic was backed in the eastbound lane and a vehicle allowed Budisantoso to turn in front of them. Budisantoso turned left without seeing Mann, who was on a motorcycle and causing him to hit his brakes and swerve. Mann ended up laying his Harley-Davidson down on its side and was not struck. Budisantoso was cited for failure to yield right of way. Mann was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Kaitlyn Koski, Ashtabula, was westbound on East Wooster Street and made a right turn to head northbound on Thurstin Avenue. Carol Sterling, BG, was eastbound on East Wooster and made a left turn onto Thurstin. The two vehicles side-swiped each other and Sterling was cited for failure to yield of way.

Heidi Craddock, BG, was southbound on North Main Street near Newton Road when a deer darted in front of her. Craddock struck the animal, causing damage to her Jeep Liberty.

Citations March 6:

Heidi Craddock, 21, and Jacob Chontos, 20, were each cited for disorderly conduct/offensive condition after police found them in a vehicle in the St. Al’s parking lot at 12:11 a.m.

Robert Conwell, 19, BGSU, was arrested for underage possession of alcohol, obstructing official business and furnishing false information to obtain tobacco. He was taken to jail.

Fictitious ID, theft: Abigayle Howard, 20

Theft from vehicles was reported in the 300 block of South Mercer Road, the 900 block of Klotz Road (six), and the 1400 block of Scott Hamilton Avenue.

During a traffic stop at an OVI checkpoint, Kailey Mault, 18, was cited for possession of marijuana and underage possession of alcohol; Riley Richardson, 18, was cited for underage possession of alcohol; and Madison Dershem, 18, was cited for underage possession of alcohol.

Expired registration: Emily Brown, 64

Expired registration, driving under suspension: Skye Gustwiller, 21

Right of way: Louis Abdo, 29

Expired registration: Markyiah Taylor, 22

Lighted lights required, driving under suspension: Michael Hendricks, 39

Driving under suspension: Alex Gordon, 40; Alexander Thal, 20

Display of plates/validation stickers: Tori Micham, 28

Speed: Nathaniel Trevino, 18

Citations March 7:

Matthew Rush, 34, BG, was arrested for criminal trespass and was taken to jail.

Open container: Aziz Asanbekov, 22; Edward Murphy Jr., 22; Lashara Crisp, 22; Mackenzie Marshall, 21

Underage possession of alcohol, open container, obstructing official business: Brian Gillis, 20

Disorderly conduct/public urination: Denzel Mitchell, 22

Police stopped a vehicle and cited the driver, Brianna Skidmore, 19, with lighted lights required, open container in a motor vehicle, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and underage possession of alcohol. Passenger Faye Gonzales, 18, was cited for open container in a motor vehicle, underage possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

Open container in a public place: Marcus Allen, 30

A male “freaking out” after allegedly using LSD was taken by EMS from the 100 block of East Wooster Street to the hospital.

Display of plates, OVI, and operating a vehicle after underage consumption (BAC 0.075): Seth Welch, 29

Traffic control device, disregard for safety on a highway, operating a vehicle after underage consumption (BAC 0.079): Kelsey Pakkala, 20

Criminal damaging: Dylan Campbell, 24

Misrepresentation to obtain alcohol: Anthony Camino, 19; Garrett Wright, 18

Underage/under the influence of alcohol: Eryn Raabe, 19; Kallen Pierce, 18

Open container, underage possession of alcohol: Olivia McKee, 18; Michael Szymanski, 20; Madison Bailey, 20

Underage possession of alcohol: Monet Lambert, 19; Alexander Livingston, 18

Possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Allison Bloomfield, 18

Possession of marijuana: Keith Hubbell, 36

Furnishing fall information to obtain tobacco: Carl Assenheimer, 20

Right of way: Joshua Maynard, 22

Child restraint system required, unsafe vehicle: Justice Springstead, 25

Lighted lights required, possession of marijuana, driving under suspension: McRay White, 20

OVI, PAC (BAC 0.171): Jacob Chasteen, 20

Accidents occurred March 7:

Brett Gillespie, BG, was parallel parked on East Court Street with the door of his Ford F-150 open. As Francis Dauterman, BG, approached, Gillespie partially closed his door, but the passenger side mirror or Dauterman’s Chevy Silverado struck the open door. The force then caused the door to open further and struck the Chevy in the side. Gillespie was cited for obstruction and interference.

Jack Kapron, BG, was southbound in the 400 block of Thurstin Avenue and slowed to make a turn. Darius Wortham, BG, was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead after striking Kapron.