WALBRIDGE — A box full of food essentials is a blessing in the village.

Walbridge Councilwoman Karen Baron led the effort to get a Blessing Box installed in front of Random Acts.

Anyone can pick up food items, or leave them as a donation.

“Earlier this year I got the idea of having a blessing box in Walbridge. I’d read that other communities had them due to the high percentage of people being food insecure,” Baron said.

After reaching out on social media, Owen Lighty and his mother Christine Lighty contacted Baron regarding building the blessing box. Mayor Ed Kolanko had mentioned to the family that the village was wanting to build one.

Lighty is a 16-year-old student at Penta Career Center. He is a junior and enrolled in the welding program. Lighty is striving to obtain his Eagle Scout status and has four additional merit badges to go.

“When he heard about the blessing box, he stepped up and offered to build one for us. He had been on a trip to Pennsylvania and noticed the people looking for handouts of food, and it really bothered him, so this really was a great project for Owen to take on,” Baron said.

The effort of the Blessing Box was coordinated with Caryl Stone, the owner of Random Acts. Stone offered to put the Blessing Box on her property at Random Acts, right next to her little free library, in the front of her building.

“It’s the perfect spot, well lite, safe, and easy to find,” Baron said.

Here are suggestions of items for the blessing box:

Granola Bars

Canned fruits and vegetables


Pasta (boxed dinners, etc.)


Canned meat or fish

Peanut Butter


Powdered Milk

Boxed Puddings

Canned baby formula

Boxed Baby cereal





Feminine Hygiene Products

Toothpaste, toothbrushes


Cleaning Supplies