Dan Price is a friendly former hockey player with a big personality, and his family cabbage roll recipe is a favorite for big holiday gatherings.

“It’s cabbage rolls, and I usually make this once or twice during this time of year. It’s your comfort food, like making a chili or stew. I’m a self-taught kind of cook,” Price said. “I remember watching my mom in the kitchen making cabbage rolls. This is a family recipe. I wouldn’t call it an Irish recipe, but…”

“Oh, your whole family is very Irish,” corrected Dan’s wife, Brook. She is the assistant superintendent at Perrysburg Schools.

This recipe is from his mom, Audrey.

“Cabbage rolls, it’s a whole process. I started at 2 o’clock this afternoon, and now it’s 7? So there’s definitely a process,” Dan said. “The thing with my rolls is a lot of people have a mix of pork and beef, but mine is pure beef.”

Each roll is different. The of the leaves are different sizes.

“With a paring knife, make sure to shave off the large vein on the back of the leaves, so it’s more flexible,” Dan said.

Both Brook and Dan couldn’t say enough about their family gatherings, which would usually feature a large roast.

“My mom was great in the kitchen and my dad was great with a steak, or any kind of meat,” Dan said.

“They would have more than a hundred people over during the holidays. Everyone would take their shoes off and you would have this big pile of boots by they door. So Dan very much comes by it honestly, and the cabbage rolls, he would help his Mom, Audrey, make them,” Brook said.

The Prices have four parties a year, but some impromptu ones as well. A favorite is Bring-Your-Own Meat Night.

“We have the bar, which we take advantage of, and any meat you bring I will cook for you. Then I put some sides together,” Dan said. “I will also do a formal Christmas dinner for all of our family and friends. I will spend a whole day and a half picking out a menu, prepping the entire day before. It includes appetizer, salad, full meal, deserts and drinks to go with the dinner, before and after.”

“He’s an extrovert that wants everyone to come to his house, and he will cook for everyone,” Brook said.

“I just really enjoy the whole process of cooking and prepping food,” Dan said. “We have a lot of get-togethers and having people here, at the house. I love to entertain. I don’t know how to make small batches. I make a lot.”

“Your parents were the same way,” added Brook.

Dan’s father Joseph Patrick passed away in 2016, from pancreatic cancer.

Most of Brook’s family have moved from her hometown of Pandora, to within a 20-minute drive of their Perrysburg home.

A multi-sport athlete, Dan grew up curling and playing golf. He excelled in hockey. His Austin Ice Bats jersey, number 77, and stick, are part of the Texas Hockey Museum.

“I played hockey at Bowling Green. I loved playing at the old ice arena,” Price said. “I’m from right across from Port Huron in Sarnia, Ontario.”

He started skating at age 2.

“I had a backyard rink. That’s where I learned to skate and do so many things,” Price said.

After playing for BGSU (95-99), he went right into the hockey pro-circuit. He played at various levels of the minor leagues, for the Houston Aeros, is this correct… the Saint John, New Brunswick, Flames, the Fort Wayne Komets, the Dayton Bombers, the Motor City Mechanics and the Kalamazoo Wings.

One of the Austin Ice Bats sponsors recognized Price’s personality as being perfect for sales.

In the off-season he worked at car dealerships, as both a car salesman and on the finance side. Today, he works for Hunter Engineering, selling automotive service equipment. Most of the service shops in Northwest Ohio use the large machines and other equipment associated with tire shops.

Brook and Dan are Falcon flames who met while students at Bowling Green State University.

They have three sons. Luke, 18, is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Jack is a junior at Penta, by way of Perrysburg High School. Joe is in fifth grade at Hull Prairie Intermediate.

Joe is a vegetarian and does a lot of his own cooking. While his dad cooked, he made his own macaroni and cheese and said that he is going to put together his own cook’s corner.