Bowling Green High School

Parents who attend next week’s “Hidden in Plain Sight” presentation can have a child excused from one second-semester exam in May.

“We feel it’s a very, very important message and information for the parents, and we want as many to come as we can,” said Bowling Green High School Assistant Principal Dan Black.

“Any way we can get parents there, we will do that.”

The presentation is Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center. It will address the proliferation of drugs and the associated risky behaviors.

It will be conducted by Kayla DeMuth of the Hancock County Public Health Office, Det.-Sgt. Ryan Richards of the Wood County Sheriff’s Office, Det. Scott Frank of the Bowling Green Police Division and Matt Ruehl, a former Bowling Green High School athlete who overdosed in 2018 and is now celebrating one year clean.

Each presenter will provide the latest information about the illegal drug trade, and will share their experience working with young people who have ruined their lives because of their involvement with illegal drugs.

The current state of illegal drug activity in Wood County and the Bowling Green area will be discussed.

The program should last about one hour and 45 minutes.

The goal is to help parents understand what’s going on with their children, Black said.

“I cannot implore you enough to attend this presentation,” said high school Principal Jeff Dever is his invitation. “This program could save the lives of students in our community.”

The program is for adults, and students are not invited.

Dever said he was shocked to learn about the level and severity of illegal drug activity in the area. The presenters will help parents identify issues with their own student(s) and learn how to get help.