Bowling Green City Schools has reduced the hours of 24 employees through a reduction in force.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board of education approved the adjustment of the non-teaching contracts.

The reason given for the RIF was lack of work.

The 24 non-teaching staff included five food service managers, one food service cashier, and 18 bus drivers. The reduction went into effect Sept. 8, when the district started the school year entirely online.

With food service, they would typically work 35 hours a week, but with the current food prep for meal delivery, it is 20 hours, said Superintendent Francis Scruci.

“They are still employed,” he said.

The bus drivers are not running the usual routes but are still needed to bus students to Penta Career Center as well as local private and parochial schools.

The board will decide before Oct. 9 whether to start a hybrid method of education on Oct. 20.

Scruci said it will be up to the board to decide whether a five-day-a-week model is appropriate.

The board also accepted a settlement agreement with R&Y Bowling Green LLC.

On March 20, the board filed a complaint against valuation for tax year 2019 on three parcels, two at 142 Campbell Hill Road, and one which is 0.11 acres of green space on Clough Street.

According to the resolution, the property owner disputes that the $9.1 million cumulative purchase price referenced in the complaint is the market value as of the tax lien.

The agreement is for an aggregate value of $6 million, which is the amount that will be used to calculate taxes owed.

The property owners will pay $35,443 for tax year 2019.

Also at the meeting, the board agreed to a memo of understanding with the Bowling Green Education Association for the amount of hours in the workday.

The uniform length has been 7 hours and 40 minutes.

The new standard hours for middle and high school teachers is 7:20 a.m. until 3 p.m.

No changes will be made to the elementary start time.