Bowling Green City Schools is filling open positions in preparation for the return of school in the fall.

At a Monday special meeting, the board of education hired Kellie Radcliff as English teacher at the high school; Jason Baumgartner as music teacher at Conneaut; Emma Stumpf as band teacher at the middle school; and Elizabeth McIntosh as science teacher at the high school.

Also hired as intervention specialists were Amy Clark and Devin Radcliff at the high school, Bridget Hall at Conneaut Elementary, Jillian Ledwedge at the middle school to cover someone on a one-year sabbatical, and Austin Thurman as a building substitute.

A number of head coaches were hired, including Lillian Meier for girls tennis at $3,217, contingent upon completion of required training; Patrick Carney for cross country at $4,993; Erika Kimple for girls soccer at $5,838; Debra Mathias for volleyball at $4,100; Paige Bulkeley for girls golf at $4,417; and Joshua Fox for boys soccer at $5,488.

Assistant coaches hired include Jeremy Kohler for volleyball at $4,100; Morgan Ott for volleyball at $3,588; Alexandria Bellavia for girls soccer at $3,717; Lisa Carney for cross country at $4,033; Noah Evans for boys soccer at $1,500; Amanda Gade for fall and winter cheerleading for $2,016.50 for each season; and Josiah Nichols for boys soccer at $3,012.

Courtney Allard will teach English for high school summer school at a pay of $3,000 and Courtney Ducat will serve as a nurse for summer school at a pay of $3,000.

The board also accepted the resignations of Elizabeth Osten, business technology teacher at the middle school; Miranda Scholl, intervention specialist at the high school; and Taylor Pawliski, English teacher at the middle school.