Russell garden 2021

Ian Russell created on a critter-proof design that denies birds, squirrels and raccoons access to the bee nurseries.

A Perrysburg Scout has created bee sanctuaries for parks around Wood County.

Ian Russell chose to help a specific group of pollinators for his Eagle Scout service project.

Russell’s goal was to provide secure places for cavity-dwelling female solitary bees to deposit their eggs without having them endangered by insecticides, bird beaks or squirrel and raccoon paws.

These solutions are also known as bee hotels, bee condos or bee nurseries.

He said there are many reasons for the decline of the pollinator population in general. One that affects solitary bees is the many dangers offspring are subjected to by humans and wildlife.

After intense research, Russell settled on a critter-proof design that denies birds, squirrels and raccoons access to the bee nurseries.

Once the project proposal was approved by the Boy Scouts of America as, well as the Country Garden Club of Perrysburg, the project was funded primarily by the garden club. Russell raised additional funding.

He held several build days with family, friends and Cub Scouts.

Five bee nurseries were constructed, and Russell set out to find public placement locations.

He sent letters describing the intent and construction to local park entities to solicit permission to place a bee nursery.

To date, three installations have been completed, and another is in the scheduling phase.

The bee nurseries can be visited at the Children’s Resource Center in Bowling Green and the 577 Foundation and the Davis Overlook Park off West River Road, both in Perrysburg. Another installation is approved at Simpson Garden Park in Bowling Green.

Russell is the son of Paul and Rhonda Russell.

The Perrysburg High School junior is undecided about plans after high school.

Russell is a member of Troop 110 based in Perrysburg. Its chartered organization is Grace United Methodist Church. His Scoutmaster is Greg Cole.