PERRYSBURG — Vendors were approved for a $250,000 completion of Phase 2 of the Huskisson Athletic Center on the Perrysburg Junior High School campus.

It is the second floor of the Huskisson Athletic Center, which has sat empty since construction four years ago. It will feature community classrooms, incorporating the balcony that overlooks the sports field, event space, rest rooms and storage.

“We’re certainly excited to see the project through to completion. With the gift from the boosters, that made it possible. We’re very excited to complete the second floor. I think it’s a great example of public private partnerships,” Superintendent Tom Hosler said at last week’s meeting.

James Mapus, executive director of operations, said the funds came to the district from a variety of sources, collected over time, by the PHS Athletic Boosters.

He said construction should begin in the next few weeks and finish before football season, but supplies are expected to be a possible stumbling block.

“Our hangup is, unfortunately, what the whole world is experiencing right now, and this is trying to get supplies for any type of construction projects. As soon as all three of those companies have their materials and can all talk on the same page, we’re hoping in the next two weeks that can happen,” Mapus said. “Realistically, we know that four-week wait times are now six to eight weeks. So we don’t really know what to expect.”

Mapus said they are doing it now because it was already on the agenda, with much of the preparatory work already completed like the outside walls and floor.

“For the most part, there is very little involved in materials. Most of what we need is already there, it’s just finishing that space,” Mapus said.

“A lot of the companies we’re working with can’t even give you deadlines, as to when they can ship things, because they don’t even know yet. Building materials right now are hard to come by,” Mapus said.

There will be three main components to the project, the new rooms, an elevator and the heating and cooling.

Currently, the second floor of the Huskisson Athletic Center is used for mechanicals, like heating, water tanks and some storage. It’s otherwise uncovered wall studs, but with a finished floor.

The building general contractor will be the Lathrop Company, handling $90,784, of the project. They will build two new bathrooms, a wall creating two general classrooms and coordination of the project with Earl Mechanical, $2,790, and Laibe Electric Company $44,840, for the $249,934 total.

“The building also doesn’t have air conditioning, so that includes the air conditioning as well. There’s the money right there,” Mapus said. “That’s where the bulk of it’s going.”

It will also include a handicap-accessible elevator.

“There will be a chair lift that can take people up, so it’s better accessible to handicapped people. The way the blueprint has it described is as storage and a classroom, but it can be two classrooms,” Mapus said. “It’s like a small elevator, not like a large size elevator that could be used for multiple people. It’s to be used only for the handicapped who needed the service.”

The Huskisson Athletic Center opened on March 8, 2017 and includes the Fricker’s Weight Room, Bernie Frick Memorial, Amanda Frick and Andrew Frick Locker Rooms, along with the Pohlman Family Coaches’ Suite and the Second Street Dental Trainers Room. The building also includes updated concession stand.

Action was approved by the board as part of the consent agenda during the regular school board working group meeting on June 1.