A 1983 murder of a young nurse in Whitehouse is the topic of “The Lake Erie Murders,” which will be televised Sunday at 8 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

The show tells the story of the murder of Janean Brown, who was 19 at the time of her death.

Among those interviewed are Pam (Rader) Purney, Brown’s best friend, who was with her the night she disappeared after leaving the Copper Lantern bar in Whitehouse on Nov. 17, 1983.

Also interviewed are her brother, Michael Grosjean.

“She always had a smile, she always enjoyed life,” he said.

“She was caring, loving, funny, the most giving person ever,” Purney said

In the 1980s, Whitehouse had only one stoplight.

The two women drank and played pool at the Copper Lantern, according to a trailer for the show. Andrew Gustafson also was at the bar, as was Bill Heisinger, Purney’s brother Larry and Brown’s boyfriend Harold Estep.

When the two women left the bar, Brown saw Estep kiss the bartender. Upon reaching home, she told Purney she was going to speak with him and left the house they shared.

That was the last Purney saw her alive.

“I will never forgive myself for not going with her,” she said.

Brown’s body was found Nov. 19 in a field under a mound of dirt.

“The only thing worse than the way she was buried was what happened to her while she was alive,’ said Charles McDonald, Lucas County prosecutor.

She had been raped, her throat had been cut, and she had been whipped by belts.

The show follows the detectives’ search for the killer, how DNA solved the case more than 30 years later, and who was convicted in 2014 of the killing.