Black Swamp Arts Festival Poster 2019

Designer Kat Pahl holds the 2019 Black Swamp Arts Festival Poster.

The poster for this year’s Black Swamp Arts Festival was revealed at Grounds for Thought Friday during the Firefly Nights Festival.

Designer Kat Pahl was on site handing out posters and coloring utensils were available for those that wanted to take a respite during the festival.

Pahl, is a fine artist and used her medium of watercolor and ink to create this year’s poster which is the main element used in the brilliant design.

“For this piece I worked in ink and watercolor,” Pahl said. “In the first mock-up I wished to give the feeling that the salamander is in the water surrounded by vegetation and sunlight. I feel watercolor is a great match for this poster due to the environment of our area.

Within the salamander are scenes of native swamp life: heron, frog, cattails, lily pads, and ferns.

“In many ways I view Bowling Green’s art presence much like an ecosystem within an ecosystem,” Pahl said. “Art and music starts in a home, expands into our neighborhoods, congregates in our city and reaches outside of our city, through the Black Swamp Arts Fest, to celebrate the human experience. For Bowling Green, the Black Swamp Arts Festival is an integral part of our community, identity and a part of our social ‘ecosystem.’”

Along with the watercolor design, this year’s poster also includes a back side for artists of all ages to color themselves.

Erin Holmberg, who has designed three previous BSAF posters (2015, 2016 and 2018) assisted in the graphic design elements of the poster. Homewood Press Inc., Toledo, printed the poster.

Posters can be picked up for free around the community after Friday night at Grounds for Thought, The Four Corners Center and the Wood County District Public Library.

All work for the festival, including the poster design, is on a volunteer basis.

The Black Swamp Arts Festival is a three-day, free live music and arts festival committed to providing quality art and music experiences. Held in downtown Bowling Green the first full weekend after Labor Day, there are three stages of music, two art shows, Youth Arts, Artists at Work and Chalk Walk.

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