Pemberville Council considers $15 vehicle fee


PEMBERVILLE — Village council has a first reading to a new ordinance Tuesday that, if passed, would create a new $15 fee on each motor vehicle registered in the village.

The fees, which would begin being collected next year, on Jan. 1.

“It will go into the general fund,” Mayor Carol Bailey said of the new revenues.

Many municipalities in the state have been collecting these fees for several years, but this is the first time the village has seriously considered the additional motor vehicle registration fee, she said.

Before council members could vote to pass the ordinance, it would require three readings at three meetings, unless council members vote to suspend rules requiring three readings at separate meetings.

The text of the ordinance states the village is seeking the fees as a supplemental source of revenue for the village.

The additional fees would be collected by the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles at the time an application for a motor vehicle registration is filed and monies collected by the BMV would then be paid to the village.

The new fees would be charged for new and renewal of motor vehicle registrations.

Council members also voted to give a second reading to a resolution approving the village’s participation in the Wood County solid waste management plan update.

The update is required every five years by Ohio law and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and Pemberville is part of the minimum of 60% of the waste district’s coverage area, which is required for the plan. The waste district actually covers approximately 80% of the county’s population.

The plan covers a 16-year period, from 2023-39, and utilizes the year 2020 as the reference year. The plan describes current and future recycling activities and programs, including those services and programs for residential, commercial and industrial sectors of the county.

The village will incur no additional cost to be part of the plan update.

It is anticipated the resolution will receive a third reading at the June 20 council meeting. After that third reading, a vote to approve or disapprove the resolution is expected.

Council voted to recommend approval of a new liquor license for a new restaurant, Los Tenedores, in the same location as the former Fork Restaurant.

“The new restaurant’s name comes from The Fork, but is in Spanish,” Bailey said.

An update on new breakers for the village’s electrical system was given at the meeting. A bid opening was conducted a year ago, at which time village officials were informed it would be 60-80 weeks before the new breakers would arrive.

Part of the lengthy arrival time is being blamed on supply chain issues, Bailey said.

“It’s a waiting game,” she said.

The mayor said the new breakers are similar to issues with the village’s new police cruiser, which was also ordered one year ago. While the new police vehicle has arrived, it has taken time for it to be outfitted with equipment before it can be placed into service. That equipment has now been installed, but the vehicle markings need to be installed.

“The new cruiser will be on the road by the end of the month,” Bailey said.

A discussion was conducted on the new storm water sewer lines that are being installed. The storm water sewer lines are being piggybacked with a sewer line separation project. The lines the village currently utilizes are not capable of handling the volumes needed by the village.

The installation of new water lines in the village is expected to begin in August.

The bid process for the new water tower is slated to begin in July, it was announced at the meeting.

Also taking place next month is the village’s third Party in the Park, which is scheduled for July 2 from 1-5 p.m. During the festivities, there will be two bands playing. There will be free admission the pool during the event.

A discussion regarding the Pemberville Free Fair was conducted. The fair is on track, slated for Aug. 16-19.

A dedication for the village’s new splash pad was conducted June 3. The splash pad, which was funded partly by a $2,500 donation from the Eastwood Community Improvement Corporation, was dedicated to the memory of the late former Mayor James R. Opelt. The former mayor’s estate also provided funding for the splash pad.

Ashley Welling informed village officials she is planning to establish a new fitness program that will be conducted in the park in the next few weeks.

Councilman Jeffrey Kirkbride, who is a scientist, will be conducting a stargazing event at William Henry Harrison Park on Aug. 12.

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