BG medical professionals ask community to support new high school


To the Editor:

As local healthcare professionals, we are writing to encourage our community to support the construction of a new high school.

As healthcare professionals, we understand the importance of providing our youth with a safe and healthy learning environment. Unfortunately, the current high school infrastructure is outdated and inadequate. Our students and teachers routinely must endure extreme temperatures, inadequate air movement, and leaking pipes. This type of environment not only affects the learning experience of our students, but also poses potential health hazards.

In addition to eliminating these potential health hazards, a new high school will provide opportunities for hands-on learning, extracurricular activities, and overall student wellness. This investment in our youth will pay dividends and contribute to their future success, both academically and personally.

Moreover, a new high school will bring many economic benefits to our community. Speaking from experience, a top-quality education system is a key factor in attracting quality staff and new patients to our area. A well-educated workforce will enhance our community’s economic competitiveness generally and drive economic growth for many of our larger employers specifically, including our community hospital.

We urge our community to support the building of a new high school. It will not only benefit our students, but also our healthcare industry and our community as a whole. A well-educated youth leads to a stronger community and a better future for all of us.

D. Wayne Bell, MD

John Davis, DO

Scott J. Deering, MD

Nathan Downey, DDS

George Hebeka, DDS

Ryan Hoehner, DDS

Jeffrey T. Kaiser, DDS

Kristin Kaiser, DDS

Alexis Klassen, DDS

Peter F. Lalor, MD, FACS, FASMBS

Michael Lemon MD, FAAP

Ryan Phipps, DDS

Jenna Shevlin, DDS

Shawn S. Stansbery, DO

Derik E. Utz, DDS

Jennifer Watson Spitler, DO

Thomas E. Wojciechowski, MD

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