Record amount of donations pour into BG schools


Bowling Green City Schools have reached another milestone, with the board of education accepting more than $22,000 in donations.

At Monday’s meeting, Superintendent Francis Scruci called the amount “a testament of the support our schools have by our community.”

The board had set a new record in February with the acceptance of $18,010.

“We are so thankful for the support,” Scruci said.

1BookBG was the recipient of more than $3,500. Donors included:

Up to $10: Carl Busler, Mark Miller, Kate Wieber, Madelaine McAfee and family, Patrick and Lisa Carney, Angela Mills, Brandon and Taylor Bohn, Thomas and Katie Downie, Anne Clark.

Up to $25: Chris and Jennifer Ostrowski, William Pineda, Nobuhiko Kai, Belinda Ayala, Laura Stout, Leah and Luke Herbert, Marcia Rybczynskim, Pamela Day, Nadia Chung, William and Amber Windom, Bridgett Bauman, Jean and Tom Bamburowski, Emily and Ryan Gattozzi, Capri and Maci Didion, Adam and Maggie Leonard.

Up to $50: Madeline Lepre and family, Kelli Gill, Patrick and Sarah Caserta, Craig and Kristina Hoyng, Justas and Katrina Asanavicius, Terry and Lori Speck, Vicki Bartholomew, Alexey Zayak and Elena Liskova, Kathy Dibling, the Ruehl family, Sarah Klotz, Earnestine Hudson, Nick and Shirley Van Dusen, Joshua and Chrissy Shafer, the Byers family, James Lust, Alice and John Calderonello, Dick and Nadine Edwards, Sara Smith, Brenda Fite and Jennifer Jo Waldron, Sara Meyer, Erica Bruielly and Pat Bruielly, Maria and Marc Simon, Barbara Rothrock, Spitler Huffman LLP, Nick and Bridget Snyder/Snyder Financial Mgmt., Drs. Phipps, Shevlin and Hebeka, Doug and Karen Simmons.

Up to $75: Sockman Automotive Inc., Erin and Bryan Schneider, Portage Lions Club, Dustin and Kim McLochlin, Nathan and Kristen Instone, James and Andrea Hubbell, David and Joy Barnes.

Donations of $100: Larry and Fran Weiss, Eric Myers family, Mr. Jeffery and Dr. Inge Klopping, Michael and Barbara Lemon, Donald and Charlotte Scherer, Noel McCluney, Mike and Terri Marsh, Dunn Funeral Home- Tim, Brittany and Tyler Dunn, Michael and Toni Aspacher.

Donations also were received from Kyna Steinfurth for $198, Kenwood PTO for $250 and Kelsey McNeeley for $270.

Gift cards for 1BookBG valued at $50 were donated by Ben’s and gift certificates valued at $50 were donated by Pagliai’s Pizza.

After prom also benefited from donations, from Gregory and Heather Shepherd for $200, Julius and Michelle Thomas for $20, William and Amanda Dorman for $40, Amanda Hofbauer for $120, Scott Wongrowski and Kylee Seibert-Wongrowski for $75, Lon and Kristin Muir for $10, Dunn Funeral Home Inc. for $100, Newlove Realty for $250 and CMC Group for $500.

The student lunch debt declined after donations of $300 and $100 were received from two anonymous donors.

For it’s trip to New York City, the music department received $50 from Holliday and Andrew Thomas and $560 from the Bobcat Vocal Music Boosters. The Bobcat Vocal Music Boosters also donated $7,500 to the district’s choirs departments.

The Panksepp, Quinn, Sanders, Wolf Memorial received a $200 donation from Kelsey Kuhlman; the Key Club and its Bobcat-A-Thon received a $400 donation from BG Noon Kiwanis; Crim’s fifth grade camp received $50 from Sue Dilsaver; and Kenwood’s fifth grade camp received $5,010 from the Kenwood PTO.

The softball team received $30 from Cyresa Bloom, $50 from Dan and Vivian Craig and $20 from Kathryn Hoover while the bowling team received $100 from Jason and Emily Sisco.

Bobcat Basics received a clothing donation valued at $70 from an anonymous donor and snacks valued at $60 from Eileen Underwood and Richard Rowlands.

Snacks were donated to Crim valued at $50 from John and Jean Sinn; to Kenwood valued at $30 from Angie Jewell, $60 from the Loar family and $20 from the Hanna family; and to Conneaut valued at $30 from Brenda Pike.

School supplies valued at $100 was given to Kenwood from MJ Howick doing business as the Clothesbin. A mat board valued at $250 was given to the high school art department from Ben’s/Floyd Craft; and school supplies valued at $205 were provided by the BG Staples donation kit fundraiser.

New league banners valued at $1,955 were given to the high school athletics department from the BGHS Athletic Boosters.

The total of all donations was $22,028.

“We cannot thank those people enough,” Scruci said.

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