Ukrainian aid is cheaper than sending our soldiers to fight

To the Editor:

The MAGA Republicans are now trying to cut funding for the Ukrainians in their war against Russia.

The behavior of Vladimir Putin is no different that that of Adolph Hitler in the lead up to World War II. Why do the MAGA Republicans think that, left to his own devices, Putin will not invade other countries as he tries to rebuild the Russian Confederation? Do they not remember that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain went to see Hitler, signed an agreement with Hitler, and returned to England proclaiming “Peace in our time?”

Do they not know how that turned out a few years later?

Why do MAGA Republicans not understand that we are now on the same path, with the Ukrainians fighting a proxy war for us. President Joe Biden is giving the Ukrainians weaponry, though not everything they need, and is giving that aid in bits and pieces. I do hope that the required aid does not eventually arrive on the day the last Ukrainian soldier dies.

Hint to the MAGA Republicans: Such aid is still much cheaper than our troops fighting the Russians. Biden is fearful of escalating the war in Ukraine, but we can not live our lives in fear of Putin whispering the word “nuclear.”

MAGA Republicans either don’t understand history or are unregistered agents for Russia. Either way they are on track to make the U.S. subservient to Russia’s dark money.

W.E. Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green