Arizona man arrested in BG for breaking & entering


An Arizona man has been arrested for breaking and entering after he allegedly stole numerous firearms.

Bowling Green police responded at 11:52 a.m. Saturday to the 600 block of Morton Avenue on a report of a theft from a home.

The key holder of the home told police that the suspect, later identified as David McKee, 54, Flagstaff, was not welcomed on the property per orders of his sister.

She said she checked the home on Thursday and when she returned on Saturday, she noted some items inside the home had been moved. Upon checking the house, officers found an empty gun box and confirmed there were several guns missing from the home. The glass front of the cabinet where the guns had been stored was broken, according to the Bowling Green Police Division report.

A further check of the home showed where entry may have been made into the home by prying a door open.

The sister, who lives in Colorado, provided names of people McKee may visit while in town, and when one was contacted, he told police McKee had brought several guns to his house on Friday, according to the report.

Sixteen firearms and two knives were identified and recovered. The list included BB guns, a Colt, a Smith & Wesson, a Browning, a Winchester, a Remington and several shotguns.

The value of the firearms was estimated at $10,000, according to the report.

Also identified were several American flags, older war relic belt buckles and Boy Scout memorabilia.

While officers were taking inventory, McKee arrived at the house. He initially refused to exit the vehicle and locked the doors. He eventually exited the vehicle and was taken into custody.

Bond has been set at $15,000.

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