Perrysburg Twp. buying AEDs because of NFL’s Hamlin

Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin walks the field before the NFL Super Bowl 57 football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

LIME CITY — Use of an automated electronic defibrillator on an NFL football player has spurred the purchase of AED units by Perrysburg Township emergency services for use in buildings and vehicles.

“I would be remiss if I did not say that the Damar Hamlin incident at the football game did not wake us all up to the importance of having AEDs on-site and close,” Township Administrator Jon Eckel said. “We think it would be prudent to have several close by.”

Buffalo Bills safety Hamlin received cardiac life support with an AED after an injury during a Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. It is being partially credited with saving Hamlin’s life.

“There is a 10% decrease in the survival rate, per minute, after an incident,” Fire Chief Tom Brice said. “I am 1,000% in support of this. It is very much a need.”

The township will be purchasing six AEDs, related equipment and training for $14,874 from Stryker Medical for township buildings and to go in maintenance vehicles.

“It could save a life. When I was with (the City of Perrysburg) I championed the cause to have those put within most of our buildings,” Eckel said.

The township has also moved ahead with updating all township employee emergency medical contact information.

In other department business, Maintenance Director Marvin Conner received authorization to move forward with the annual road salt purchase. The township will be purchasing 900 tons of road salt from Cargill for $50,000. The salt is $54.78 per ton, which does not include the entire cost of delivery.

“They started charging a fuel surcharge for getting it here,” Conner said. “When I called to order, they said it could be less than the $54.78 per ton, but the fuel could be less, or it could be more.”

Conner wasn’t pleased with the variable amount for shipping, but he agreed that the price of the salt per ton was very good right now and the cheapest he could remember.

Brice received approval for beginning the job search process for an additional dispatcher.

“You actually approved a seventh dispatcher several years ago. I can’t remember exactly when, but we were never able to make it happen for a variety of reasons,” Brice said. “It would get us pretty darn close to have two dispatchers on duty around the clock.”

He reminded the trustees that in June 2022 they had discussed the need for improvement in emergency services communications, which included the new dispatcher.

Brice said that after hiring the new dispatcher the communications plan would require two dispatchers on duty, but the new hire would solve much of the overtime pay used in 2022. According to Eckel, with six dispatchers there were 950 overtime hours paid in 2022.

“That is a lot for six people,” Brice said.

As part of the new Enterprise leasing agreement, Brice said that four vehicles will be turned in and be replaced by new vehicles. However, there is also interest in the GMC 2500 Engine Chief 75 vehicle by Troy Township fire and EMS.

Trustees approved Brice’s continued research into the possible sale to Troy Township.

The Enterprise agreement was approved, with Trustee Bob Mack abstaining, due to possible conflict of interest with his career outside of the township.

The annual fee for the Northwest Ohio Regional Information System criminal justice database, $20,300, was approved. Also approved was the annual renewal for Intellitech Corporation’s Alert suites for emergency services related to Computer Aided Dispatch and Record Management System, for $13,190, for the police department and at $8,793 for the fire department.

The current and future Perrysburg Township municipal buildings receive attention from the trustees.

The updates to the township facility surveillance system have begun.

Trustees have agreed to move forward with engaging a criteria architect to aid in the selection of a design-build contractor.

Joe Schaller abstained from the vote, because of possible conflict of interest issues due to a family member working locally within that type of business.