Lake Twp. considers in-house mechanic

MILLBURY — Lake Township may start servicing its own emergency vehicles.

Township trustees on Feb. 7 approved paying Baumann Ford Oregon $7,116 for various work on a 2018 Dodge Charger, a 2019 Dodge Charger and a 2016 Ford Explorer, all used by the police department.

Trustees also approved a payment of $1,099 to Brondes Ford, Maumee, for brake work on the 2014 Ford E450 ambulance.

Police Chief Mark Hummer, who is also township administrator, said the cost of maintenance keeps going up.

The work on the newest Charger was for brake and rotor work as well as overheating issues.

He suggested the township consider doing the work.

“This has sparked a conversation that we’re going to have a proposal for 2024, putting an addition on our building, hiring a mechanic and doing the work ourselves,” Hummer said.

Also at the meeting, the trustees:

• Discussed the ban established by the Village of Walbridge of trash truck on its streets.

The village has a “no-through truck” ordinance to keep the village’s roads intact – and that includes garbage trucks.

Four or more companies will be collecting trash in Lake Township as residents negotiate their own contracts.

Union and Main streets in the village are truck routes, Hummer said.

“I don’t know how you can tell where a garbage truck is going by looking at it,” he said.

Walbridge Mayor Ed Kolanko has said if refuse companies disobey the village ordinance and drive through town, they could be required to pay a heavy load permit fee or face a citation.

Trustee Richard Welling said if the village starts issuing tickets, the township will need to go to bat for its vendors.

“We can’t let them harass our people,” he said.

• Hired Michael Roberts as a part-time firefighter/EMT for Medic 26 at an hourly rate of $17.

Fire Chief Barrett Dorner said he saw a neighboring entity advertise for EMTs at rates he thought he’d never see in Northwest Ohio, and said he hopes to keep the employees he has.

• Entered into an agreement with the Wood County Commissioners for the county to work on various township roads for a cost of $50,000. The township will reimburse the county for any work done.

“This amount is sufficient to take care of us for this year,” Hummer said.

• Agreed to purchase 225 tons of salt from Cargill Inc., North Olmstead, for a cost not to exceed $14,000. Having a lot of salt “is a good problem to have,” Hummer said.

• Purchased 10 cases of 9mm ammunition and 20 Glock pistols for $11,236, which includes trade ins of the department’s .40 caliber Sig Sauers, from Kiesler Police Supply, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

“At 20 years old, they’re starting to show their age,” Hummer said about the Sig Sauers.

• Heard about their choice for a new copy machine from Karen Wlodychak, with Eastern Engineering.

The current copier was purchased after the tornado destroyed the previous township building in 2010.

• Learned free woodchips are available at the road department on Ayers Road. Call 419-836-1143 for more information.

• Were told to expect major changes in 2025-26 at the J-turn at Ohio 420 and Libbey Road.

The J-turn at the intersection is not working as the Ohio Department of Transportation had hoped, Hummer said.