BG Chamber Investor Grant awarded to Sounds Like Yoga


The Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce recipient of the investor grant for the fourth quarter of 2022 is Sounds Like Yoga.

Kathie VanNess, owner of Sounds Like Yoga, applied for the grant in hopes of using the money to cover the cost of additional anatomy training that will expand her understanding of fascia and help her identify where body imbalances are present in her clients.

“(Anatomy training) would give me a knowledge of fascia to better understand this field and how it applies to the training I already have in yoga, Pilates, and meditation,” VanNess said. “One of the most exciting applications of this training is in ‘non-traditional’ students. People who would not give yoga, Pilates or meditation a second glance are often curious about the benefits of fascia work and improvements to everyday movement.”

The quarterly investor grants are available to all investors in good standing at the chamber, and the application is available online. The grant provides an investor up to $1,000 that can offset the cost of an employee training program, thepurchase of business-related equipment, or applied towards the offset of a Bowling Green State University/Owens Community College student internship. The deadline for the first quarter grant submission is March 3.

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