Perrysburg parent: More work needs to be done to prevent CRT in schools


To the Editor:

I recall vividly the first time I attended a Perrysburg Board of Education meeting on June 21, 2021.

I walked into a room full of concerned parents, grandparents, citizens and taxpayers interested in hearing more about the presence of Critical Race Theory in our district. Many shared their concerns during public participation.

Our superintendent adamantly assured our community that CRT was not being taught in the Perrysburg School District mainly because the board had not adopted any new curriculum that included CRT specifically.

Since attending that board meeting in 2021, I have made a concerted effort to gain a deeper understanding of the district our children attend and our tax dollars support. Like many in this community, I feel it is my duty and responsibility to do so.

Recently, on Jan. 19, national media reported that staff in a Central Ohio school district admitted to “tricking parents” about CRT being taught in their district and went on to describe how tenets of this ideology are woven into student lessons through social emotional learning and culturally responsive teaching.

I’m thankful for the many organizations that have formed in response to this ongoing concern and the complete shift that has taken place in our country’s public education system.

Organizations like Parents Defending Education, Protect Ohio Children, BEST and Moms for Liberty have helped conservative patriotic parents and citizens understand how it’s possible for divisive ideologies to present themselves in our children’s classrooms through various means.

Given this recent news report, I’m forced to wonder, how will our board and administrators tangibly ensure parents in our district are not being “tricked?” What measures will be taken to show our community that tenets of CRT are not present in our classrooms? In what ways will they ensure that the rights of parents and families are valued and protected?

Carey Thistlethwaite


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