Pemberville Mental Culture Club — Group news

The Dec. 13 meeting was held at the Gathering Place in Pemberville. President Tracey Briggs called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and welcomed honorary members Kathy Bretz, Deb Beaverson and Marilyn Hummel to the Christmas program. Minutes of the November meeting were approved as read. Treasurer Nedra Sheets reported a balance of $1,075. Members were reminded to pay dues, and it was noted that additional donations to the scholarship fund are welcome.

Tracey thanked members for their donations to the Pemberville and Luckey food pantries.

Karen Creps reported that the scholarship committee will continue to use their current application form as it is similar to those used by other Eastwood organizations.

Suggestions for new members should be directed to Penny Truman.

The next meeting will be held at the Luckey Library on Jan. 10. There will be demonstrations of equiment and services available to the community.

Members and guests answered the roll call by showing and telling about their favorite Chistmas ornament or decoration.

Following the meeting, Todd Sheets of Beeker’s General Store presented a program: Christmas Did You Know? He shared samples of the many Christmas items he has collected through the years and told stories about each, often with a brief history. Among the items were tree skirts, which began in 1870s Germany as utilitarian items, to catch the dropping needles and the drips from wax candles. Current tree skirts are generally considered decorative items.

Wax figurine candles, which were made by the Gurley Company, were often seen at various holidays. They were not really intended for burning, only for display. These are now much desired by collectors.

Feather trees originated in 19th century Germany. These were intended to keep the German forests from being depleted. Made from dyed goose feathers they became quite popular. Sheets showed his antique feather tree from the Beeker family. There are now very few feather tree makers left in our country.

After the presentation cookies and tea were served by the Gathering Place.