Property transfers: 12-15-22

Dec. 5

801 E. Gypsy Lane, Bowling Green, residential, from Gilbert and Sandra Tellez, to Benjamin and Chayada Higgins, $220,000.

14584 Olde Trail Drive, Middleton Township, residential, from Jennifer Jones and Matthew Thornton, to Judith Tonjes, $279,900.

256 and 0 Gardner Ave., Northwood, residential, from Jason Habel and Jennifer Stewart, to Melody Tsapranis, $88,500.

27960 and 0 Glenwood Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Jodi Johnson, trustee, to Kayley and Thomas Comer, $299,000.

0 Ault Road, Perrysburg Township, agricultural, 48.59 acres, from Jill Kolbeck, Jean Will, Joni Vidra, Lowell and Ginan and Craig Gurtzweiler and Floris Gurtzweiler Armstrong, to Jill Kolbeck, Jean Will, Joni Vidra, Lowell Gurtzweiler and Floris Grutzweiler Armstrong, $83,000.

29098 Hufford Road, Perrysburg Township, commercial, 0.39 acres, from Wesbar LLC, to Rowdy Badger LLC, $270,000.

1069 and 0 Hickory St. and 0 E. South Boundary St., Perrysburg, residential, from Jacob and Victoria Schell, to Leighann Duncan and Josh Szymanski, $300,000.

1012 Wilderness Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Anand and Jaya Patel, to Ankit and Indira Modh, $855,000.

645 Sandstone Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Jason and Tifanie Keeton, to Dwan and Renee Russell, $314,000.

414 Glenwood Road, Rossford, residential, from Hive Holdings LLC, to 414 Glenwood LLC, $135,000.

Dec. 6

324 N. Main St., North Baltimore, residential, from Derek and Emily Ishmael, to Brandon and Megan McAfee, $200,000.

418 Eastlawn Drive, North Baltimore, residential, from Timothy Haniford, to Jacob and Teresa Taylor, $159,900.

2429 S. Maple St., Hoytville, residential, from Perry and Pallas Emmitt, to Austin Piehl, $105,000.

3779 Cherry Hill Court, Lake Township, residential, from Alyssa Emch, to Kathryn Mincheff, $149,900.

3274 Defiance Pike, Montgomery Township, residential, from Amos and Doris Johnson, to Dawn McGowan and Larry Hansen, $150,000.

2534, 2680 and 2500 Woodville Road, Northwood, commercial, 50.11 acres, from Northwood Commons LLC, to Northwood Dhaliwal Plaza LLC, $2,220,000.

528 Walnut St., Perrysburg, residential, from Kimberly Dielman, to Martin and Emma Pennington, $249,900.

0 W. River Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Barbara Phibbs, to MRKR Fry Holdings LLC, $468,000.

16535 Robinson Road, Washington Township, residential, from John and Erin Black, to Carrie Williams, $203,700.

Dec. 7

1064 Quail Hollow Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Casey Witt and Alyssa Fussell, to Lu Ning, $234,250.

0 Lemoyne Road, Lake Township, agricultural, 40.32 acres, from Robert Wasserman, to David Jaeger and Cole Smith, $201,600.

12398 Roundhead Road, Milton Township, residential, from Latrelle Prater and Lutricia Depp, to Kenneth and Sarah Thomas, $305,000.

4225 and 0 Deviance Pike, Montgomery Township, residential, from Tanya Meyer, to Nicole Zaleski, $142,000.

224 Elm St., Rossford, residential, from Michelle Hunt, to Jessica Kersey, $115,000.

Dec. 8

1631 Waterford Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Katelyn and Alexander Climer, to Karl Smith, $266,000.

34 Stonegate Circle, Bowling Green, residential, from Douglas and Wendi Clark, to James and Therese Ewing, $230,000.

905 Wintergarden Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Theresa Rizzi, to William Hunnicutt, $54,000.

101 Oak St., North Baltimore, residential, from Patricia August, to Dorothy Bookman, $119,000.

208 N. Tarr St., North Baltimore, residential, from Cheryl Cotterman, to Cody and Madison Cotterman, $70,000.

1006 Lakehurst Drive, Lake Township, residential, from James and Madeline Zahradnik, to Zachary Denomy, $60,000.

5809 Shawnee Ave., Lake Township, residential, from Ray and Shirley McLargin, to Opal Sherman, $290,000.

8273 Rudolph Road, Liberty Township, residential, from Davina Restorations, to Whitney Moneer, $150,000.

211 Brown Drive, Haskins, residential, from John and Alyssa Neumeyer, to James Horine and Sandra West, $330,000.

4508 Curtice Road, Northwood, residential, from Zepf Center Inc., to Emily Neuenschwander and Stephen DeLucia, $335,000.

11630 Eckel Junction Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Adam and Shanna Pries, to Alyssa Neumeyer, $220,000.

15570 Green Road, Plain Township, residential, from Ross Swope, to Katherine Buckingham and Carlos Garcia, $180,000.

29451 Lime City Road, Rossford, residential, from Matthew Warton, to ELT, $162,200.

Dec. 9

15261 and 0 Hammansburg Road, Henry Township, residential, from Terry Vonblon, to Bishop Farms 2 LLC, $27,500.

207 E. Walnut St., North Baltimore, commercial, from the DS Brown Company, to Anthony and Melinda Gloriosa, co-trustees, $37,500.

0 Lennex Lane, Lake Township, residential, from Bryan Gladieux, et. al., to Bryan and Deborah Gladieux, $30,000.

10937 Oak St., Liberty Township, residential, from William Taylor, to Jason McClain, $212,500.

307 Ada Ave., Risingsun, residential, from Jane Hunt, to Russell and Charlotte Allen, $85,800.

12448 and 0 Lincoln Blvd., Perrysburg Township, residential, from Teresa Reyes, to JID Realty LLC, $60,000.

1018, 1002, 1005 and 1019 Brampton Park Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, trustee, to Northcreek Properties LLC, $260,000.

103 and 107 Old Dover Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Northcreek Properties LLC, $146,000.

12611 and 0 Eckel Junction Road, Perrysburg, residential, from DAR Holdings LLC, to Mercy Health North LLC, $1,675,000.

6973 Lighthouse Way, Perrysburg, commercial, 1.55 acres, from First Federal Bank of the Midwest, to Harbor Town Investors One LLC, $650,000.