Bird flu found in snow geese, suspected in turkey flock


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Bird flu has been confirmed in snow geese and other water birds from Gibson County in southwestern Indiana and is suspected in a commercial turkey flock in nearby Daviess County, state officials said.

Approximately 700 geese, primarily snow geese, have recently been found dead in western Gibson County, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said Monday. More than 100,000 snow geese currently are present there, it said.

Birds infected with bird flu may display unusual behaviors such as erratic swim patterns, tremors, a twisted neck and a general lack of coordination, the agency said. Sick birds may also have nasal discharges, a cough, sneezing, and diarrhea. Some infected birds will not appear sick.

Individuals who see sick birds or find multiple birds dead in a single area should report them to the agency.

Meanwhile, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health reported Sunday that a commercial flock of 11,394 turkeys at a farm in Daviess County tested presumptively positive for bird flu and has been quarantined.

Samples will be tested at Iowa’s national U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory for confirmation, the board said.

Statewide, 10 commercial flocks of turkeys and ducks have tested positive for bird flu this year, the board said.

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