Americans need to stand up to Republicans


To the Editor:

This letter should not be necessary, but it is. The 2020 election and 2022 mid-term elections are over — and no significant evidence of fraud was found. The majority of the American people have spoken and in a democratic republic, the majority rules, and that is how it should be.

Some people win, while other people lose and have to fight at the ballot box on another day. This is the way it has been in America since 1797 and — until Trump and the MAGA Republicans — there was always a peaceful transfer of power to the election winners. The attempted overthrow of the American government by Trump and the MAGA Republicans is un-American and just plain wrong. The American people should not stand for it.

Furthermore, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine showed his true colors when he threw his COVID adviser (Amy Acton, MD) under the bus, as a mob of armed protesters surrounded her house and threatened her. This is against the law, but DeWine did nothing to support her.

Also, DeWine should be investigating U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan for his alleged cover-up of sexual abuse of athletes at Ohio State University. There are over 100 student accusers and a referee, all of whose complaints have been ignored by DeWine, both as attorney general and governor.

Is this what Ohio’s government has become? Football coach Joe Paterno was crucified by the leaders at Penn State University, even though he did report sexual abuse of student athletes up the line to his superiors, who in turn covered the matter up until it was exposed and they went to jail.

Jordan will never be a tenth of the man that Paterno was but Jordan has friends in high places. Sad.

W.E. Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green

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