Shining Star in Perrysburg: Dean of students honored


PERRYSBURG — Darryl Edge has been named Perrysburg Schools’ Fall 2022 Shining Star Award Recipient, which was announced at the Monday Perrysburg board of education meeting.

“I hear a lot of great things about you,” Eric Benington, board president said.

Ft. Meigs Elementary School Principal Marjoe Cooper introduced Edge.

“He is highly regarded with respect by our students, with staff and also with our parents and community,” Cooper said. “He’s one of the highest recommended teachers we get through emails every year.”

Edge has been with the district for seven years. He was a fourth grade teacher and was made a full-time dean of students at Fort Meigs Elementary School this year.

“Darryl has jumped into that role extremely well. He has taken a lot of things off the plate and runs with things and has a lot of great ideas that he has already given back to our Jacket Way Community, and to our staff generally,” Cooper said.

The award is presented twice annually to an employee who is nominated by his/her colleagues. A panel representing a cross-section of the school district chooses the award recipient from a pool of nominees. The Griffioen Insurance Agency also recognized the recipient with a gift certificate.

As a part of the Jacket Way program awards for kids, Edge instituted new types of awards, including playing basketball against Cooper. He has regularly subbed in for Cooper.

“I will note that he does not play defense, but does like to score,” Cooper said.

Cooper read two of the multiple nominations Edge received. He has been noticed by the bus drivers, for both his attention to the kids and willingness to continue helping at the end the day.

“Since Darryl has switched jobs from teacher to dean of students at Fort Meigs, I’ve seen him out on the playground playing with the kids many times at the end of the day, the kids love having him out there,” Kim Schumaker, bus driver, said in her nomination. “He also makes his presence out on the bus line at the start and at the end of the day greeting all the kids and available for disciple issues. Darryl has been quick to help when a situation comes to his attention from us bus drivers. He works with the kids to help resolve the problems quickly and really makes a difference.”

Michele Walland, a playground monitor at Fort Meigs and a bus driver commented about Edge’s willingness to incorporate the Jacket Way program on the buses.

“I nominate Mr. Edge for this award because he does not have an easy job, yet he makes it look so easy and you can tell he truly loves his job,” Walland wrote. “I’ve been trying to be incorporated in the Jacket Way program on the buses for a few years now. Darryl thought it was a great idea, and printed each of us bus drivers at Fort Meigs a stack of tickets to start using that same day. I have been very impressed with how he interacts with the kids and has really made a difference already as dean. I feel he is well-deserving of this award.”

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