File. Perrysburg running back Conner Walendzak (2) runs with the ball for a long gain during the first quarter of a game against Bowling Green.

Scott W. Grau | Sentinel-Tribune

University of Toledo-bound Perrysburg senior running back Connor Walendzak is the Northern Lakes League Player of the Year.

The 5-11, 205-pound Walendzak had 1,940 total yards of offense heading into Perrysburg’s playoff game against Olentangy Liberty Friday.

Walendzak has ran for 1,633 yards on 212 carries with 21 touchdowns, averaging 7.7 per carry and 136.1 yards per game. He also has 28 catches for 307 yards and eight TDs.

Walendzak leads the team in scoring with 176 points. From his linebacker position, he leads the team defensively, too, with 102 tackles (30 solo, 72 assists), 3½ sacks, 11 tackles for a loss, one pass break-up, three forced fumbles and an interception.

Perrysburg senior quarterback T.J. Takats is first team, too, completing 156 of 234 passes (67%) for 2,051 yards and 28 TDs with just four interceptions. The southpaw quarterback has a rating of 176.4.

Takats has also run for 575 yards on 135 carries with 10 TDs, averaging 4.3 per carry and 47.9 per game.

Joining Walendzak in the first team backfield is Anthony Wayne senior running back Joe Caswell.

First team wide receivers are Perrysburg senior Jack Borer, Sylvania Southview junior Emite Lamb, and Maumee sophomore Carson Graetz.

First team tight ends are Bowling Green senior Ashton Studer and Napoleon senior Caleb Stoner.

First team offensive tackles are Perrysburg senior Grant Zimmerly and AW senior Jack Behnfeldt. Perrysburg senior Cody Oakley and AW senior Tommy Ling are first team guards and Perrysburg senior Brock Falkenstein is a first team center.

Sylvania Northview senior Alex Kasee is a first team punter and place kicker, and Napoleon senior Andrew Williams is a first team utility player.

On defense, Behnfeldt and Stoner are first team defensive ends and AW junior Cadence Carswell and BG junior Reece Rath are first team interior linemen.

Walendzak and AW senior Luke Wymer are first team inside linebackers and AW senior Carson Spradlin and BG senior Evan Brandt are first team outside linebackers.

Southview senior Elijah Thomas and AW senior England Allen are first team cornerbacks, and Springfield senior Jack Semler and Perrysburg senior Matt McEwen are first team safeties.

Perrysburg, currently 11-1 heading into the Liberty team, won the NLL with a 7-0 record, followed by AW (10-2, 6-1), Southview (5-2, NLL), Napoleon (4-3), Springfield, BG and Northview were all 2-5 and Maumee was 0-7.

Second team

Maumee senior Kyle Arndt is second team quarterback and Springfield senior Taylen Miller and Southview junior Isaac Sexton are second team running backs.

Perrysburg junior Gavin Fenneken, Northview junior Jackson Clausius, and BG senior Brock Hastings are second team receivers.

AW senior Gabe Knepper is second team tight end, Springfield senior Harrison Schlachter and Southview senior Joe Bucher are second team offensive tackles, and Napoleon junior Luke Hardy and BG senior Peyton Green are second team tackles.

AW senior Matthew Carpenter is a second team center, Arndt is a second team punter, Springfield senior Hunter Kievens is a second team kicker, and Brandt is a second team utility player.

Southview senior Seth Baden and Perrysburg senior Avery Hunt are second team defensive ends, and Napoleon junior Henry Eggers and Southview senior Akil Jones Jr. are second team interior defensive linemen.

Southview senior Danny Nusbaum and Napoleon junior Jacob Aguilar are second team interior linebackers and Perrysburg senior Andrew Hunt, and Southview senior Ru Selmon are second team outside linebackers.

Northview senior Ayden Hall and Perrysburg senior Giovanni Restivo are second team cornerbacks and AW junior Landon Gates and Southview junior Parker Sears are second team safeties.

Third team

Northview junior Jacob Weimer is third team quarterback and BG junior Peyton Harris, and Napoleon’s Willliams are third team running backs.

Napoleon sophomore Trey Rubinstein, Northview junior Connor Cody, and Southview junior Zack Carter are third team receivers.

Perrysburg junior Landon Graham and Southview senior John Thompson are third team tight ends.

Perrysburg junior Andrew Boden, AW junior Dillon Robinson, and Napoleon junior Isaac Lehmen are third team offensive tackles.

Perrysburg senior Gavin Moore and Southview junior Andrew Wernert are third team offensive guards, and BG senior Justin Becker is a third team center.

Southview junior Logan Howe is a third team punter, Perrysburg junior A.J. Bibb is a third team kicker, and Maumee senior Alex Lewis is a third team utility player.

Third team defensive ends are BG senior A.J. Clemens and Northview senior Jackson Moore. Third team interior linemen are Northview senior Dom Row and Perrysburg senior Joel Cady.

At inside linebackers, third teamers are BG senior Michael Kisor and Perrysburg sophomore Joe Seney, and at outside linebacker, third teamers include Napoleon senior Preston Speaks and Maumee sophomore Cody Wulf.

BG’s Hastings and AW junior Carter Schaller are third team cornerbacks and BG junior Mitch Keller and Northview sophomore Gavin Roehrig are third team safeties.