Republican party chair: Ghanbari truly represents Wood County

To the Editor:

From the very beginning of his public service on Perrysburg Council to his leadership as our state representative, Haraz Ghanbari has demonstrated a tireless commitment to the people of our county.

When riots blanketed the nation and police were vehemently criticized, Ghanbari had the courage to stand with public defenders through his deeds and not just his words. I’m often in conversation with police, sheriffs and state troopers who note their appreciation for his night-time ride-alongs, rapid responsiveness and common-sense solutions. In one ride-along, Ghanbari rendered first aid to a suspect, after the suspect attempted to pull a gun on a state trooper, and shot himself during a traffic stop on Ohio 25 north of Bowling Green. Ghanbari subsequently brought additional resources to Wood County to facilitate interagency collaboration during volatile emergency situations.

The moment when the brave men and women who serve our nation require assistance, Ghanbari offers immediate and unwavering support. After one former serviceman, who was suffering PTSD, tragically took his life, Ghanbari was there to support his wife and kids. Many families have vowed to vote for Ghanbari after he quietly worked to ensure that their deceased loved ones would be honored for their service to our nation.

On multiple occasions, volunteers at pregnancy centers, ministries and community service organizations have expressed their appreciation to Ghanbari for his steadfast pro-life commitment and unstoppable voluntarism. When Ghanbari recently accompanied a constituent in the ambulance to a local emergency room, he noticed a young lady who was alone and in tears because her mom’s life was hanging in the balance. He immediately stepped to the plate to ensure the hospital was able to bring her information and care.

After knocking on 25,000 doors, and speaking with thousands, Ghanbari understands the issues affecting Wood County and the top issue is inflation. Ghanbari’s opponent is on the record in support of a tax increase during a recession. In stark contrast, Ghanbari recognizes that a tax increase would be devastating to citizens experiencing acute economic pain at the gas pump and grocery store.

The criticisms of the Democrats ring as hollow as the economy their policies have built. Join me in voting for the only candidate in this race who will deliver on solutions that matter to Wood County. Vote Ghanbari on Nov. 8.

Jonathan Jakubowski

Executive chairman, Wood County Republican Party