BG councilman: Vote for Materni, who will show up


To the Editor:

As a member of the Bowling Green Council, I frequently meet with and hear from individuals in our community.

While my focus has always been on improving our community in Bowling Green, neighborhood concerns regarding our state government inevitably arise.

“Why can’t Ohio pass fair maps?” “Why does our state legislature pass concealed carry laws opposed by our state’s Fraternal Order of Police?” “What are Ohio lawmakers doing to help with inflation?”

These are just a few questions our state representative could answer for us, if he ever showed up.

Earlier in October, the League of Women Voters held their highly anticipated candidates forum. This tradition is a fantastic opportunity for voters to hear directly from the individuals who wish to legislate for them. Unfortunately, our community received no such opportunity — our state representative refused to attend.

Our district deserves a representative that actually shows up — a representative like Jan Materni.

Materni is currently a member of the Perrysburg Council, and I’ve seen firsthand the work she’s done to make significant improvements throughout Wood County. I’ve seen her show up for not just Republicans or Democrats, but for all of her constituents.

Materni is a common sense candidate, who is not afraid to take on the tough questions. She will be a voice for all of Wood County. I’ll be voting for Materni on Nov. 8, and I highly encourage you to do the same.

Nick Rubando

Bowling Green Counciman 1st Ward

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