Wood County Community Health Center to begin renovation and expansion project

Wood County Community Health Center will soon begin a renovation and remodel that will allow for an expansion of services to better serve the needs of our community.

The renovation will enable the health center to increase the number of exam rooms, add a behavioral health wing and expand the pharmacy and waiting room area.

“We’re excited about the changes we will be making in our facility, which will improve the experience our patients have in our center, allow us to serve more people and offer expanded service to our patients,” said Diane Krill, health center CEO.

The remodel is expected take approximately four months. Construction will be completed in phases, allowing the health center to continue to serve patients on site throughout the renovation.

While disruptions to service are expected to be minimal, there will be some changes that impact the flow of services while construction is taking place. The health center will be closed Friday and Monday. The health department will be open for all other services on those days.

Beginning Tuesday:

• The health center entrance and parking for health center patients will be located on the east side of the building. Signs will be posted to direct patients to the alternate entrance and parking area.

• The health center pharmacy will move to an alternate location within the building and will be accessed through the main Health Department entrance.

The project will be funded through a grant specifically for health center renovations, made available from the Health Resources Services Administration.

“We appreciate the support of the Wood County Community Health Center Board of Directors and the Wood County Board of Health in undertaking this renovation,” Krill said. “Approving the use of federal funds for this project will provide a long-term benefit to our community.”