Take time to talk about domestic violence

To the Editor:

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a perfect time to discuss this very important topic.

When most people hear the term domestic violence, they think of a situation involving a husband or boyfriend physically abusing his wife or girlfriend. While many times that is the case, domestic violence takes many forms.

Domestic violence also describes any situation involving anyone in a household physically or mentally abusing another person in that same household.

It may be a teen or younger child physically or mental abusing a parent or another child. in the household.

Kids can be stronger than they appear and they can inflict serious harm to others. Like adults who have strengths beyond what they normally possess when tempers are involved those strengths can be at a higher level in kids.

Each year, domestic violence leads to a high number of injuries and even deaths. It is estimated there 4.8 million incidents of people being assaulted by their intimate partners each year. In about 12% of all DV cases the males are the victims.

It is also estimated that 15% of all violent incidents involve domestic violence.

Children can also be witness to incidents of DV. Each year, millions of kids are exposed to incidents of DV.

Unfortunately, there were two young children who lost their lives in Lucas County due to DV incidents in the past week or so. A five-month-old girl and a three-year-old boy were killed by adults. The boy was allegedly killed by his mother’s boyfriend and the girl was allegedly killed by her father. Both adults have been charged.

Domestic violence calls received by law enforcement can be a serious situation because tempers are elevated at the time, leading to injury or worse for anyone who is involved, including the law enforcement officers.

Several police officers are killed every year while responding to domestic violence calls. In the past week, two officers were killed in a Connecticut ambush while responding to a DV call, and a third officer was shot and seriously wounded in that same incident.

Citizens who know of someone being physically or mentally abused, they should encourage those victims to report it.

At the very least, try to get them help of some kind. There are several agencies out there who can provide assistance.

Mark Hummer

Lake Township police chief