Lifelong Democrat is voting for Ghanbari


To the Editor:

I am a lifelong Democrat voting for Republican Haraz Ghanbari as state representative.

The letter to the editor from Mike Zickar, the Wood County Democratic chair,reveals just how out of touch today’s Democrats are just days before this criticalelection.

Voters know the stakes. They see it every day. The Democrats’ overspending has created inflation at levels we haven’t seen since the 1970s. Groceries cost more.Everyday goods cost more. New home buyers are being priced out of the market.

The Democrats’ war on energy has led to unaffordable increases at the gas pump. With colder weather upon us, Ohioans are already struggling to pay heating bills that are up to 50% higher than last year.

Crime is also up. After a summer where Democrats chanted “defund the police” and adopted policies to let criminals walk free, they’re desperately trying to backtrack as violent crime continues to increase across the country.

Inflation, high gas prices, and crime. Those are the issues motivating voters in this election, and on each one, the Democrats have failed the people of Ohio. So, it’sunderstandable that Zickar wants so desperately to change the subject.

My party is about to face a reckoning for their failures and that’s why this lifelongDemocrat is voting for Ghanbari to continue serving as our state representative.

Democrats back in the day used to say, “Give ‘em hell, Harry,” but today I say, “Give ‘em hell, Haraz.”

Hank Holland


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